Tether replaced PayPal – Pornhub uses USDT as a new payment method

After the Boom year of 2017 and the subsequent crash of the courses were able to recover until today, only a few crypto-currencies. In addition to Bitcoin, the Stablecoin Tether (USDT) has developed in the last 2-3 years, great. Not of course a technical point of view, because we know that it is tethered to a Stablecoin, but in the meantime, USDT, with a market capitalization of about $ 4.6 billion, the 6. largest digital currency. Now Tether can claim a further success. The Internet platform “Pornhub” uses USDT as an alternative payment method, after the cooperation with PayPal could not be continued.

PayPal does not want to Tether can

The Internet platform “Pornhub”, which entertainment released videos for adults, has informed on Wednesday in a notice on your page that you have now added Tether as a payment option. The payments are sent on the TRON Blockchain, and can be sent with the TRONLink Wallet and receive.
The payment option seems to be limited, however, for the time being on your own payments from Pornhub. According to the communication, the communication is meant, that the Models can receive your payments. The need for Pornhub emerged only after PayPal wanted to pass in November, the payments and a cooperation was no longer possible. It reads as follows:

Since the decision of PayPal to stop the payments to thousands of Models two months ago, we made an effort, you… more options to offer.

Big fish for USDT

Pornhub is perhaps not the first page, with the Tether connection would be. Nevertheless, the use of USDT by the site is worth a mention. According to the statistics, from the year 2018, over 92 million people visit every day the platform.
Also interesting is the observation that denied a Central payment service like PayPal cooperation is here. Instead, a crypto-currency such as Tether is used. If we exclude decentralization of USDT time, then this case shows once more that crypto-currencies offer a real Alternative to existing payment options. So overall, a win for the Crypto-Space, but especially for Tether.
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