Texas considers cryptocurrencies a threat

In front of the cryptocurrencies no one can remain indifferent. It is possible to embrace it completely, and start to bring in the crypto community. Recognize its existence and validity, although without getting involved immediately. Or to reject them absolutely, and refuse to use them in any context. And for governments is the same situation, having to take a position in front of the criptoactivos. Just as you have done the regulators of Texas.

The governmental position

For the world of cryptocurrencies, the attitude taken by the governments towards them is of great importance. Then, from the same, are created or will create regulations, which may encourage or inhibit the development of the crypto world. And therefore, of technology Blockchain that drives it. Already all over the planet, many governments have understood this dynamic. Realizing that the technology Blockchain offers a competitive advantage invaluable to their society. And that therefore it is necessary to develop it as much as you can. Being the main vehicle to achieve this development, the companies dedicated to the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is the civil society, and especially the companies in fintech. Those that possess the human capital, experience, networks, and the willingness to develop the technology Blockchain. Creating new functions for the same, or making easier to access to the skills that you already possess. For this reason, these governments are trying to encourage the creation of companies of this type. Either with fiscal measures such as tax breaks, or more effectively with a regulatory framework solid security to the crypto companies to settle in his territory. However, not all governments feel the same way. Therefore, many still believe that the cryptocurrencies a threat, not only to power but also to its economy. Banning criptoactivos, or at least warning against their use to their citizens. Such as has been done by the state of Texas in the united States.

Texas against the cryptocurrencies

So, in the edition of the tenth anniversary of the Guide for Investors of Texas. The Board Values the State has included the criptoactivos between those investments that should be done with caution. And that therefore, require careful scrutiny. In the offers that are more risky related to the cryptocurrencies, the promoters do not provide records audited or other financial information to support its statements of earnings is extraordinarily high. The claims of the promoters of “safe” investments related to the cryptocurrencies and the profits, “guaranteed” should be approached with caution: the cryptocurrencies tend to be extremely volatile and investors may be unable to liquidate quickly products linked to them, says the Guidance issued by the Board of Texas. However, although the text of the government of Texas provides useful tips and necessary for the crypto investors. Leaves No mark to the cryptocurrencies as an asset inherently dangerous. Despite the fact that the scams and dark activities as against that warns the Guide. Are in any financial asset. Therefore, the Board of the Texas Securities would be aligned with the vision of the Securities Administrators Association North American (NASAA). Which considered the cryptocurrencies one of the major threats to investors in 2020. An attitude that seems to be spreading to Texas, making this our Fact of the Day today in CriptoTendencia. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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