Tezos, Waves and Stellar stand out among the cryptocurrencies most appreciated of the week

Key facts:

Next week Tezos will make a demonstration of its new portfolio of Magma.

Waves will open a new office in Berlin, Germany, thanks to a new partnership.

During the week of 11th to 17th of July the market for cryptocurrencies is present mainly to the low. A large majority of the altcoins recorded falls that reach up to 20% less. Meanwhile, the few cryptocurrencies with gains presented significant increases of more than 20%.

Bitcoin, the main criptomoneda of the market, also recorded a drop in its price, after the slight recovery in the previous week. In these seven days, the price of BTC fell by an average of 0,78%. The value ranged between us $ 9.268 and the USD 9.137, according to the statistics of Live Coin Watch. Bitcoin was the criptomoneda chosen by the hackers who this week attacked the accounts of personalities and businesses on Twitter.

Ether, for its part, is down with an estimated decrease of 2.79% less. The price of ETH reached a minimum of 231 dollars on the 16th of July, after having reached a peak of USD 244 the 13th day of the same month.

This week it released a report on the growth of the finance decentralized in Ethereum in the second quarter of 2020. It is noted that the presence of the tokens anchored to Bitcoin in Ethereum outperforms BTC in Lightning Network. Although this comparison is not entirely fair, considering that in LN there are caps on income of BTC for being in the test.

In parallel, the price of other cryptocurrencies relevant market is also low: ethereum classic (ETC) loses -5,12%, XRP from Ripple low -2,83%, and litecoin (LTC) in -4,99%.

The cryptocurrencies most appreciated this week are headed by tezos (XTZ) and waves (WAVES). Stellar (XLM), zcash (SACS) and cardano (ADA) complete the top.

Tezos is preparing to launch a new portfolio

In the framework of the most recent meeting of Tezos, called TQuorum, the co-founder of this project of weekly events, Alison Mangiero, announced that for the 22nd of July there will be a first demonstration of the new mobile wallet without custody for Tezos, Magma.

The announcement was made on the 15th of July, the same date on which the XTZ, the criptomoneda native of the network of Tezos, reaches its highest value of the week, cotizándose to $ 3,30. The average growth in these seven days was of 25.6%. The tweet of TQuorum added that the next meeting will will also the roadmap of Tezos.

Magma is a project that has been developing for several months. The portfolio will be launched for Android and iOS simultaneously and will support the standard FA1.2 Tezos. For this moment, the market capitalisation of XTZ is about USD $ 2.183 billion and daily trading amounts to $ 134,2 million.

Tezos advances in the development of its portfolio of Magma. Source: Live Coin Watch

CEO of Waves sell shares of Vostok to the signature Russian

This week, it was reported that one of the first investors of the project Waves sold its shares in the project Vostok, a firm Russian financial. Thanks to this sale Waves will open an office in Berlin, Germany.

The information released this 17th of July, and points out that the CEO of Waves, Alexander Ivanov, “sold its stake” in the project data management and smart cities to Mark Garber, of the consulting firm GHP Group. This fact seems to have influenced the rise in recorded criptomoneda for this 17 of July, when it reached a maximum of us $ 1,54.

In the days before the rise, the waves are listed in the range of 1.32 and 1.27 dollars. The increase in weekly is estimated at 22.3%. The market capitalization, at the time of this writing, is USD 144,5 million and the volume of trade in the last 24 hours was approximately $ 33.2 million.

The price of waves reached a maximum after the announcement of the sale of the shares in the project Vostok. Source: Live Coin Watch

Stellar presents its second quarterly report of 2020

Stellar is located in the top of cryptocurrencies most appreciated for the second week in a row. The price of the XLM came up on 20,21% in the course of these 7 days. Its highest value was recorded on July 17, when he came to USD is 0.107.

The increase of the contribution of stellar began on the 16th of July, on the basis of a value of 0,095 dollars. In parallel, the Foundation for the development of Stellar is releasing a new newsletter with a report on the performance of the project in the second quarter of the year. Highlights of the update made to the Protocol 13, which gives important features to the network. This includes “reductions of rates, detailed control of the authorisation of assets and accounts multiplexed first-class,” according to mark.

Mentioned in addition to two investment funds business to Open a financial platform of next generation, and SatoshiPay, a platform for instant payments. At the close of this edition, the market capitalisation of XLM is about USD $ 2.164 million, and its daily trade is calculated in 301,1 millions of dollars.

In its quarterly report Stellar highlights the upgrade of its network. Source: Live Coin Watch

Bifurcation of Zcash introduces new privacy features

Keeping your focus focused on the privacy, the network of Zcash ran its fourth branch this July 16. Through this update, called Heartwood, the network introduced new privacy features to mining, as well as improved interoperability with other blockchains for the developers of the network.

Prior to the bifurcation the price of the criptomoneda recorded a steady increase since the 12 of July, reaching a peak of USD 63,32 the day 13. To the date of the fork, we observed a drop in the price, however, ZEC grew about 5.8% in these seven days.

The new features introduced through the upgrade of Zcash, is identified as Shielded Coinbase and Flyclient. At the time of writing this article, the market capitalization of the criptomoneda is USD 569,6 million and daily trading of USD 91.5 million.

With its recent update, Zcash provides greater interoperability to developers. Source: Live Coin Watch

Cardano calls to developers contracts smart

Cardano is located in the top of the 5 cryptocurrencies most appreciated for the fourth consecutive week, with an advance of 3.3%. In these seven days, the project has been inviting developers to participate in the expansion of contracts of intelligent network to multiple programming languages.

Through a message posted on Twitter on 15 July, the Foundation Cardano opened a period for the receipt of proposals until the 31 August next. Meanwhile, the price of the ADA remained a constant increase between days 13 and 15 July, with a peak of 0.13 dollars per day 13.

The request for proposals Cardano, “will focus on facilitating the implementation of contracts smarter using the model of ledger spread on transactions UTXO (unspent) of the network”, as it clarifies the team in his blog. To this date, the market capitalization of ADA is USD 3.197 billion and the volume of daily trade is 122,1 million dollars.

Cardano is located on top of cryptocurrencies of the week for the fourth week in a row. Source: Live Coin Watch

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