The american central bank FED will own cryptocurrency – Breaking News

Finally, in the United States. The Us Central Bank (the FEDERAL reserve) seems to be of the mind to a different place when it comes to digital currencies at this time. Lael Brainard to the FED, it suggests that the so-called CBDC is in the pipeline.

The us dollar to protect

Brainard is also the chairman of (hold fast) to the Committees on Financial Stability, the Federal Reserve Bank’s Affairs, and Consumer and Community Affairs, and Payments, Clearing and Settlements at the FEDERAL reserve. According to the international monetary Fund, went on during a speech at Stanford university in California, to be a digital u.s. dollar.

In view of the important role played by the us dollar, it is essential that we are on the threshold of the research and development of policy in relation to the CBDC’s. We are doing research and experiments with a distributed, grootboektechnologie├źn, and the potential use of digital currency including the potential for a CBDC.

The costs and vulnerabilities

They have listed a few of the issues that would need to be addressed before a CBDC in the USA introduced it may be. The main goal would be to have both cost and operational vulnerabilities would be reduced would have to be.
In addition, the FEDERAL reserve is also investigating, who accounts for CBDC to manage it Well, it is for the FED to be of interest to them with a view of the risks to which the CBDC will entail for financial stability.

Libra and China

A variety of major international organisations, ranging from the Bank for International settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the G7, have all the central banks are called upon to investigate the CBDC’s.
These organizations respond to is actually a threat to big tech. Think about stablecoin Libra on Facebook. Also, Brainard would frankly admitted:

Because Facebook is an active usenet network is of a third of the world’s population, has a Balance to ensure that we are talking about the need to have it. The debate is about what kind of money you can take, no matter who or what you can spend, and how payments can be made can be recorded and dealt with.

It’s not just the threat of a Balance. Central Banks will also want to be able to respond adequately to the introduction of the digital policy. It is expected that China this year as its own, CBDC will be launched.

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