The best investments for 2020

Nobody in their right mind could declare that the 2020 has been a year boring. From the start, political events, economic and of course health, have set the standard in all countries of the planet earth. Affecting each person differently, and creating the greatest economic crisis ever seen since the 1929 crash. However, in the midst of the crisis, Bitcoin, Tesla, and Square have continued to grow. What are the best investments for 2020 how the insinuation Anthony Pompliano in the Tweet of the day?

Investments of the first in 2020

It has been a difficult year for all, after the pandemic Coronavirus interrupted the pace of our societies, ending with the plans that we had for the year 2020. Submerging in addition, most of the countries of the world, in a difficult economic crisis that we are unlikely to come back without a vaccine against the Covid-19.

However, not all companies have fared poorly during this pandemic. Therefore, especially companies related to technology, have surfed the crisis of the Coronavirus. Arriving in some cases to strongly increase its price. What would be the case of Tesla, a company that came to quote the day today to 1.487 dollars per share, from the 734 dollars that it was only six months ago.

But in the crypto world there are also champions of 2020. As well, Square, the company of payments based on technology, Blockchain, was priced at the close of the day today in 136,83 dollars, from $ 78 that was six months ago. Becoming one of the most profitable investments.

Bitcoin has been one of the best investments of 2020. Source: CoinDesk

However, the most impressive remains that of Bitcoin. Criptomoneda that has given a real jump in its price in recent days, coming in at around 11.163 dollars per BTC. A great advance from the 4.944 dollars that came public in mid-march.

“Bitcoin has increased in a big way in 2020. Tesla has increased in a big way in 2020. Square has increased in a big way in 2020“.

With this comment, Anthony Pompliano summarizes the situation in the financial market. And on all the related technology, which, despite the unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves, has been the winner of 2020.

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