The big Bitcoin Dump threatens?

Plus token one of the biggest Scams in the history of the crypto-industry is welfare. Overall, has taken the fraudulent project in his term to maturity of approximately 2 years, more than 3 billion USD in the Form of Bitcoin, Ethereum and co. and disappeared”. Through the public Blockchain in Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be traced to the funds of the investors to this day. Today it came again to a strong movement in the Bitcoin Wallet of the plus token scammers. Thereby, an amount of approx. 11.999 BTC has been transferred from one to another Wallet transferred. What is the impact on the Bitcoin price? Sold the transferred BTC soon on the market?

Plus token Mega Scam and the stolen BTC & ETH

Plus token a hugely successful Ponzi scheme on the legs. Especially in China, plus token extremely well-known. But also in Europe and Germany, there are many Sufferers that must currently still struggling with sometimes heavy losses. Overall, should have captured plus the token over 200,000 Bitcoins. This has not only a current value of about 2 billion USD, but also accounts for a total share of 1.1% of all existing BTC. This includes any ETH, and some other crypto-currencies is yet to come.
It is currently strongly suspect that the Downtrend hung from July 2019 with the sale of the BTC and ETH from the plus token Scam together. Time-wise it would also fit very well. For it is only in June 2019, the insoles of the plus token, customers have been frozen. So, around the time of the Bitcoin rate to be High in 2019 has been reached.

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11.999 Bitcoin in a value of 120 million USD transferred

Now the BTC price has reached a relative High of just under $ 10,000 USD, and the bitcoin of a plus token to be moved. Surely no coincidence, although the mentioned transaction of 11.999 BTC was not made on a stock exchange Wallet, but on a normal Cold-Wallet. Plus token is known to divide the stolen BTC and ETH in small transactions and mostly on Huobi sell.
This is all the information we have from the Blockchain. There are now some companies and individuals that keep the Mega-Scam in the eye and every transaction to track. So, too, Dovey Wan, the Co-Founderin of Primitive Crypto. They followed the movements of the Coins a bit longer and has confirmed that it is in the listed transaction to a shift of the stolen Funds.

Plus a token Bitcoin is trying to ‘wash’

The plus token scammers have to fight with the transparency of the Blockchain to. Through the traceability of the transactions, can exchanges be informed in advance and, therefore, the sale of the stolen Coins early stop or not allow. Therefore, try to let the scammers with a lot of ideas to work around this control. Also Bitcoin Mixer or more transactions on the new Cold-Wallets include.
Also the sales on Huobi led to no conclusions on the identities of the masterminds. Therefore, some assume that the well-known stock exchange is under the ceiling. At this point, but there is no proof for this assertion.

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No long-term danger for the Bitcoin exchange rate

But there is no reason to panic. While some of the Bitcoin that they will try to sell in the next few weeks and months on the market, but the number keeps still within limits. has plus token If so, sales should have a real impact on the Bitcoin price, and then only for a reasonable period of time. Because such Dumps are not able to reverse the long-term Trend, especially not in the Bitcoin Halving the year 2020. In addition, many market participants, it is known that the current of the plus token Scammers on the stock exchanges is sold.
Therefore, we look quite relaxed on the displacements of the BTC. In addition, it was currently found to be no shift on a stock exchange. Thus, there is currently no risk of dumping on an exchange. We remain at the Story, will inform you about Bitcoin Wallet movements of plus tokens and, as always, keep up to date.
The plus token Scam that has a real impact on the Bitcoin price?
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