The big stock exchanges, went offline, and when bitcoin is in a slumped, there will be manipulation?

At least two of the major crypto exchanges were yesterday, and last night had to contend with I can live with, which makes them somewhat unusable. BitMEX, and the Twins were about 45 minutes off.

BitMex was about a 25-minute off-line. In the past 24 hours, there are more positions to be liquidated at any point in the last few years. The Data of the SKEW reveals that the total volume bitcoinfutures has never been so high.

Was it a failure?

What you are bitcoin traders are a lot have been lost, and with this in mind, has BitMEX a lot of criticism. There is even a theory, it is the time that the company has made a substantial contribution to the loss of the bitcoin. Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of the Alameda, and believe that there is no problem with the hardware in the BitMEX was.

His entire series of tweets, he says that it is the desire of BitMEX to be in the market to deal with the collapse of bitcoin has increased.

BitMEX to respond to the allegations as a conspiracy theory, to name a few.

The flash crash of bitcoin, and more than 50% of yesterday made for a lot of long positions on the BitMEX were liquidated. In total, it went to 1.1 billion dollars. BitMEX has to have confidence in their own fund. In the past 24 hours, but they lost 1.627 bitcoins, this is only 4.6% of the total value of the fund.

And the other big shows?

The twins had yesterday off due to a technical problem. Coinbase makes it over the network from the ether (ETH) and the ERC20 tokens. Because of the traffic on the network and its transactions are subject to a delay. The other major stock exchanges such as the Binance and the Crack did not report failures.

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