The Bitcoin Meetup year-end rally: crypto Monday before the winter break

The history of crypto Monday in the year 2013. This year, the first Bitcoin Meetup was held in Cologne, Germany, to Crypto-enthusiasts and to unite Visionary and to provide a suitable platform for them. We have given away our first Meetups even small amounts of BTC to every visitor, and the Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto talked about. Who would have thought then that not only is the Bitcoin price will rise massively, but that crypto Monday designed to be the largest Crypto-Community platform in the German-speaking countries?

Meetups to connect to the crypto-scene in the world

Almost all of the crypto and Blockchain projects own Meetups currencies in larger cities such as London, New York and Singapore, or Berlin. For the User from the Social Media platform Meetup offers a Wealth of event and not just on the topic of Bitcoin. Whether you are a beginner or Veteran, the crypto Monday Bitcoin Meetup, everyone is for the past 6 years Welcome. Told it to continue, exchange, network, and help us with the issue of Crypto and Bitcoin to wear in the world, and to educate!

Meet our Team on our last Bitcoin Meetup of the year!

We are approaching the Christmas season and the new year, so that will be an exciting year ends and we want to celebrate with our recent Bitcoin meet-UPS duly. We are) in December in four cities: Cologne (2.12), Düsseldorf (6.12), Stuttgart (9.12) and in Zurich (9.12. Participation in the crypto Monday is always free of charge. Come to one of our MeetUps and get to know us, enjoy, learn, and am taking part together with the largest Bitcoin and Blockchain communities in the world!


In Cologne (2.12) it is with our Speaker Andrei Martchouk of the AI’s Decentralized, it will go to the topic of Bitcoin: “Why Bitcoin is a honey badger (English)”. In connection, there will be a Q&A round, as well as the Chance to win a Satoshi shower sponsored by crypto Monday! Profits in addition to the Lightning Poker and let the evening with beer and new Lightning developments of our technicians round! Here you come to the Event and the free Tickets.


In Düsseldorf, (6.12), is taking place every month, the Bitcoin Stammtisch, supported by our local Community. This Time, above all, a glance is thrown back to the year 2019, and the Hype in June about China, Bitcoin, and co. remembered. Maybe a taste of the new year? Here you will find the event description and the free Tickets to the Bitcoin Meetup.


In Stuttgart (9.12), it will go with our Speaker Sven Läpple to the trend theme of “DeFi” (decentralized Finance). In times of Negative interest rates, and economic stagnation DeFi all the rage is. To understand the topic better and to experiment and possibly even themselves, with decentralized financial products, we have come up with something very special. It will be a Satoshi Gin tasting as well as an exciting raffle with awesome exclusive prizes! Here, you will be redirected to the event and the free Tickets.


In Back (9.12) finally, the æternity CMO Helmut Müller is entering the Bitcoin MeetUp stage and Use Cases, and Blockchain applications referencing. The focus will primarily be on the Supply Chain and scalability of blockchains. Scalable Smart Contracts with interfaces to real-world data are what promises to be the æternity Blockchain. To click on the Links to the Event info and free Tickets forwarded. “The Bitcoin Standard,” there is finally in German, and is one of our coveted prizes at our X-Mas Meetups. If you are not Enthusiastic only you but also other Bitcoin and interested gifts want to you should not hesitate and immediately strike. The first Batch was sold out very quickly, and also the current Batch is in hot demand: FOMO!The book is without a doubt one of the best entry-level lectures on the topic of Bitcoin and the monetary Potential behind the digital currency. A “Must Read” of what goes in each book shelf. Here you can receive the German edition at Amazon! It will expand your horizon, definitely.Buy now!Crypto Monday for you 24/7 Online and offline, and every Monday in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Münster, Frankfurt, Aachen, Wuppertal, Leipzig, Berlin and Zurich! Your city is not listed? Bitcoin Meetup organizer for your city! Cool simple and straightforward with us, the best in the Telegram Chat! You look prefer Videos rather than Live on the Events to be? We stream all of the MeetUps live in this internetwork on our Youtube Channel. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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