The Bitcoin price will not fall below $ 2,000, says Trading Veteran Tone Vays

Bitcoin and crypto-Trading-Guru Tone Vays believe that Bitcoin may have reached its price limit. Should this be the case, he advocates that investors should buy now for long-term Hold.

His Tweets reflect optimism

The idea of Dip-buying as a good investment strategy goes back generations. For Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in General, the Take up can. a lot of platforms in low phases promise to be extremely profitable, but given the volatility of the market is also quite a challenge
Vays is clearly of the opinion that now is the time for investors has come to accumulate. He tweeted:

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Since the rate of burglary on Thursday, there has been no shortage of speculation about the next steps of the market. Unlike previous crashes, this is connected more deeply with the global events.
Many crypto-supporters believe that the price could fall much deeper. Even Vays grants to the claims, however, that enough data is available to be optimistic that the worst is over.
Most analysts agree that a recovery could come very quickly, because raw materials tend to larger Price cuts to recover quickly again. Within the crypto-period, this phenomenon is too common. Therefore, it is expected in the next few days with extreme volatility.
The Monday morning will be interesting, since the behavior of global financial markets will play a major role in the determination of the crypto-prices. Rest of the markets, could also be crypto-currencies moving up.

Bitcoin Crash proves the necessity of the caution

This crash was a nightmare for speculators, set on an upward movement of the prices. In particular, Long-transactions on Margin had to suffer huge losses. It is not known to what extent the crash, market manipulation, hangs together, but there are rumors about deliberate sellouts spread.
To buy for investors, which have decided instead, to just and to keep, may be this Crash is frustrating, but you have your crypto-Investment. You can only suffer a real loss if you decide to sell.
In fact, Bitcoin and most other crypto-currencies are still significantly higher than a year ago. Many analysts noted that the current market position is probably a short window to accumulate in the promising platforms amazing prices can.
Simply put, it is a simple strategy as the wisest: to make consistent, well-timed purchases and the Coins in a private Wallet to keep.
Regardless of the short-term price trend will recover in the crypto market. The development and dissemination of the Blockchain is stronger than ever, as well as the interest of institutional investors.

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