The Blockchain Lition appeared on the market Microsoft’s Cloud

February 24, 2020 by Océane

It is true that Microsoft is the first technology company to integrate the Blockchain in its Cloud service. It would now remain at the cutting edge of technology by taking charge of more solutions, such as the incorporation of the Blockchain Lition on the market cloud.

New features for enterprise customers to Azure

The Blockchain commercial, Lition, has just made the official announcement of its support for Azure, the engine of the activity, Microsoft’s Cloud, making the latter one of the few blockchains public/private supported by a major Cloud provider such as Microsoft.
To the great delight of the company’s customers to Azure, it provides the faculty to run of the side chains (side chain) as well as applications Lition in a record time on its platform.

Azure will make a difference

While Azure is present as the platform of choice for large enterprises, this innovation represents a huge opportunity for the service to expand its customer base, and thus become the leader on the market.
At the present time, the motor of the activity is Microsoft cloud holds the second largest share of the market of public cloud, which is currently estimated at a value of 229 billion. In addition, the service saves the majority of well-known companies as clients, of which more than 95% belong to the classification of Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, Boeing or Samsung.
What do you think of the supported by Azure of the Blockchain commercial Lition ? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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