The Blockchain Post now? Trump threatens U.S. Mail with “shutdown” – new Patent pending

At the beginning of this week from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) pending Patent is known that describes a Blockchain-based Tool. Earlier, the President, Donald Trump had tried to use the organization’s seal, as Forbes reported.


On Trumps by Blockchain address

The U. S. Patent and trademark office (USPTO) has published the USPS Patent on Thursday of this week. It describes a “secure voting system”, which is the Blockchain technology used to secure the Mail-In vote.

Trump complained in the beginning of the year, against the letter of election and security called the problems associated with paper-based coordination services, such as the loss of Post Manipulation and the possibility of fakes.

In February filed a Patent relies on Blockchain technology, to Trumps, to address problems and to protect the business of the USPS. “A voting system that can take advantage of the security of the Blockchain and the Post, a reliable voting system,” reads the Patent.

USPS describes the use of the Blockchain. Figure: Forbes

A registered voter receives by Post a computer-readable Code, and confirmed at an election, the identity and the correct choice of information. “The System separates the voter identification and voting, in order to ensure the anonymity of the vote, and stores the vote in a Blockchain on a distributed Register” of the Patent.

The USPS for this purpose, in the Patent:

“The voters want to generally be in the position to be able to convenient and secure way for elected officials, or to other topics.”

The use of the Blockchain technology to make sure that the results correspond to the votes cast, whereby the politicians expressed concerns. In addition, it allows the tracking of the various types of necessary information “in a manner that is safe and it allows you to confirm easily that the data was not changed”.

Blockchain-identity services are already developed on a large scale, and by shifting the alignment to a common, distributed Ledger, the votes would be transferred almost instantaneously. To reduce the susceptibility of the ballot for manipulations dramatically, notes Forbes.

Greater Transparency

Paul Madsen, according to the technical Director of Hedera Hashgraph, a distributed Ledger technology that could be worthy of block chains in a community with potentially conflict-prone members of a trust and common view of data, without the need for a single vendor to control these data.

They allow the community to come to a consensus or an agreement on the order of the transactions that change the data.

Madsen believes that such functions, for the recording of votes in the election are useful:

“The votes of the individual voters would be recorded either on the Blockchain or effective with a time stamp and then elsewhere recorded, in order to mitigate the risk of double voting or an election manipulation and to give to the voters by the transparency of the process of trust”.

He makes clear, however, that “Blockchain is not a wonder weapon for coordination platforms”, wherein the identity test is the more critical component (which is also acknowledged in the Patent).

Meanwhile, the Effort does not mean that the USPS out of nowhere jumped up on the Blockchain-train; they had a deal for 2016 with the implementation of the technology. The USPS outline at the time, even the four “key use cases” for the Blockchain technology.

These efforts are reflected in China, Japan and South Korea’s efforts, the three countries enormous progress in the development of, and investment in Blockchain-based Governance systems and the study of crypto make currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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