The Blockchain Summit Global is reinvented in its third edition


Key facts:

The participation in the event may be face-to-face or virtual via streaming high quality.

Amiti Uttarwar the first developer working on Bitcoin Core will participate in the event.

For the third consecutive year will be held in Uruguay the Blockchain Summit UY (now the Blockchain Summit Global), and as in previous years will count with the presence of more than 40 speakers of international stature, panels, varied and more than 1000 representatives of governmental sectors, business, technology, and prominent opinion leaders.

The main theme of the event, as always, will be the technology Blockchain, their applications and associations with other technologies, their current uses and their future course of the revolution 4.0. It will also discuss on Defi, Fintech, cyber security, and Stablecoins. To address the issue of the cryptocurrencies, your quote and opportunities of the hand of the traders featured and will count with the presence and exposure of the main platforms of the ecosystem.

This meeting will take place during the days 03 and 04 of September and offers the chance to attend the event face-to-face or virtual via streaming with two modes, free or Link VIP that offers great additional content exclusive.

The event will be held in the facilities Study 9, a TV studio that allows the transmission virtual event manage quality standards high for your virtual assistants. In the case of the attendees face-to-face, they will have preferential seating where safety and hygiene will be ensured and managed under the health protocols current.

Panels Featured

Among the panels most prominent that will be made at this meeting, are the Journalist in tech and the already established Women in Blockchain. The latter will count with the presence of Amiti Uttarwar, the first woman developer working on Bitcoin Core, nothing less than the team which provides support and development to the network Bitcoin.

The work of Amti Uttawara focuses on the areas of privacy and test coverage of the protocol. There seeks to reduce the speed and frequency of the retransmission of messages from uncommitted transactions.

His presence in this event is important for so many reasons, but perhaps the most important is that, despite the fact that Bitcoin is a huge network that handles millions of transactions daily, the amount of programmers that are responsible for maintaining the network is quite small and she is one of these people.

Keynote Speakers

The Blockchain Summit Global will have a large number of participants and renowned speakers. There will also be presentations of major sponsors such as IBM, Microsoft, Decred and many more.

Among the speakers most prominent are the following:

Ian Gauci, who spoke on Contracts and Intelligent and their applications. Marta Piekarska-Geater, director of the platform Hyperledger, will talk about her use. Heather Flannery, CEO of ConsenSys Health, along with the David Koepsell of the Chief Ethics, Compliance Officer & Latin America Market will speak on the topic of current health Taha Sajid Riyadh who will speak on Cybersecurity Maria Salgado Iturrino, of IECISA/gfi Group, will talk about Blockchain for business. Federico Ast, Entrepreneur (Blockchain & Legal tech, and a Professor on Coursera will touch legal issues. Alberto G. Toribio, a Specialist in Technology and Innovation will discuss important aspects on DeFi. Elian Huesca, of Decred Latam, will discuss Governance. Dale Chrystie, Blockchain Strategist of FedEx will make his presentation on the Supply Chain. Lana Kalashnyk Blockchain Partner Technology Lead, PSA – Amazon Web Services, will speak on services computing cloud. Carol Garcia Lake Blockchain Lab – Grant Thornton Spain, will play themes of CBDC and Application of Blockchain Payment Systems Cecilia Chapiro, Blockchain Portfolio Manager of UNICEF, will speak about Ventures, with cases of success in finance.

How can I attend the Blockchain Summit Global?

Attend the Blockchain Summit Global is simple, and due to the current conditions we live in have decided to offer three modes of registration:

The first is modality-Free, where users will be able to enjoy the event from the comfort of their homes free of charge. The second mode is the Link VIP that has a cost of 20 USD. Includes access to exclusive content as Networking coordinated face-to-face and virtual meetings.

Finally, there is the option to Pass face-to-Face with a cost of 70 USD. This mode includes the benefits of the Link VIP, preferential seating, catering, wifi with unlimited bandwidth and much, much more.

The appointment will be on the 03 and 04 September in Study 9 in Uruguay or from their homes. The Blockchain Summit Global will be full of surprises, will feature international guests referred to and will provide a high-quality streaming for all to enjoy at home.

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