The brand should be broken down to 250$, is the way in the direction of 300$ free

In this article, we look at the Ethereum course in more detail. What is the current volatility tells us about the course and where our Support zones. What resistance must be to run around the 300$mark to attack? Exactly these scenarios we look at today in some of the Charts.

What can the volatility Index can tell you about the Ethereum course?

We look at the volatility Index in more detail and divide these into 3 sections: in the month-to-month, three – month and six-month average. If we look at the six-month average, we do not see any big change. The average is 75% and is currently at 76%. In the three-month index, we can see measured on the average hardly any change. However, if we observe the month of the cycle, we see an increase at the beginning of July.

This means that we can read price movements increased in July. The month has just started and is great interest in this Asset suggests. The direction In which the investors tend to be, we need to analyze the Ethereum course.

in the chart below, we can see the increase at the beginning of the month. After the volatility has decreased since June is the beginning of the month of July, a rise of clear. Now you might conclude from this Return that we will see some Ethereum rate jumps in quite some time.

Where do we find in the Ethereum course our Resistances?

The Ethereum course in the day Chart: Here I have marked the first of three important zones. First we will go to the resistance, the so-called Resistance Zone. Here is clearly visible, which resulted in the Sales of the line at just under 250$ again and again. Since may the price is trying again and again to the Zone to attack, but not over it.

If we go back in the Timeline, this is closed to the Ethereum rate since February of this year about it. This is the strength of a Resistance Zone proves. Just the area around 248$ to$ 244 for pushing the cops always back down.

Now we want to analyze the Support brand. Located on the month of opening, which is located at 225$. In the past, it is observed that the buyer is encouraged in this Zone again and again to use this area as a buying option. To set to continue on an Upward Trend in this Zone is not allowed to fall. Currently, the Ethereum course is located basically in-between.

What is positive is the fact that the course was able to capture a higher end-of-day on Wednesday. Thus, the rate continues to show a bullish movement. Added to this is the can be placed the brand to the 250$ of the bears, since the buyer back due to the higher volatility in the foreground. This analysis shows that we are still in a positive movement. To do this, we put out already by the end of June, an Ethereum rate analysis.

The brand should be broken$ 250 to sustainably and the Resistance Zone into a Support Zone, is the Psychological mark at 300$ a step closer.

What are the Options traders to show us?

To see the current time, we the 41% of retailers still Sell options (put options) keep. The compared with 26% are currently buying options. In the case of these purchase options (Put Buys) we see an increase in volume compared to the sales options (Put Sells). This is a first indication that the first buyer got an interest to buy the Asset.

Therefore, you can comes up generally explain the buying interest. You have to add to the Whole but to what price the buyer is willing to buy this Asset. Here, it is important that the bears press the Ethereum rate further down. Thus, the demand would increase if the bulls can continue to gain the upper hand for themselves.

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The Ethereum rate in a small time interval

In order to get an acute picture of the Ethereum course, we look at the Whole in the 4-hour Chart. The three important zones are in the Chart visible. Meanwhile, the Ethereum course again weak, after he had attacked the brand for 250$. Thus, the bears currently have the reins in Hand. For us, the support area for the month of opening 225$ is important.

The first Support line is at about 230$. Here, the first mark would be reached, where the first buyers to stop.

The whole support area between 230-225$ would be for us an area where we will build options. Also this would be for some traders a good Setup for Long positions. Because here you can get in with a calculated risk in the market. The Zone should fall, you would have Loss a clean scenario for a Stop. The means should fall the brand also, the bears are still in control. We will be buying out the Zone, and us with Long positions in stock. #nofinancialadvice

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