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Having observed the increased demand on the open payments travel reservations business in bitcoins, Corporate Traveller, has just joined the Bitcoin (BTC) from among its modes of payment.

A project supported by BitPay

In close collaboration with the society of crypto-payment, BitPay, Corporate Traveler will be able to provide its services to corporate travel management to the SME British against bitcoins.

According to Andy Hegley, the general manager of Corporate Traveller, BitPay will have the role to facilitate and manage the process of processing Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) of their customers, including deposit money into their account.

In addition, the company will not have to deal with bitcoins directly.

It is BitPay who will convert them to fiat currency, namely the British pound, before dropping to the account of the company, and this, subject to a commission of 1%, a value much less expensive than processing credit cards.

The cryptocurrencies act as catalysts for the tourism

Corporate Traveller is not the only company in the industry travel and tourism has accepted the payments in crypto-currencies under the pressure of customers.

The national Office of German tourism has also started to accept the crypto-currencies as a means of payment of its services in March 2018.

At the same time, the government of the Australian province of Queensland, supported the platform of crypto-payment, TravelbyBit, in August of the same year, to boost tourism in the region by selling travel deals containing cryptocurrencies.

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