the bull run on Bitcoin, 11.500 dollar, possibly in the next few weeks

Now, there will be no live sport on the tv, you might as well be the whole of the day, the bitcoin price watch. Because in the end it is for sure! After the big dip in march, bitcoin is back in the race to $ 10,000 (9.162 the euro to break up. It will be in the next few days to make it? In this technical analysis we will look not only at the short-term, but can also be indicators of a long-term basis.

Investors will have to re-bitcoins are at the entrance

According to the bitcoin analyst and private equity fund manager, Tuur Demeester is a single bitcoin is now in a re-accumulation phase. That sounds like a lot, but it does mean that, in the course of sideways moves, as investors in bitcoins to strike it.
Side may sound strange, because in the course of the past several weeks, intense, moving, but, Demeester, looking at the long-term. You can see in the chart below. It is derived from the message on Twitter.
Demeester is based on the theory of Wyckoff, is a securities and exchange commission in the 19th century and whose ideas continue to be used in the technical analysis. According to Wyckoff, you can price movements be roughly divided into one of four categories:

Money. During the build-up phase, which moves the price sideways. Smart traders are buying now because they expect the price to go up.
Up. The price is going to rise. Because of this, there will be more investors attracted to it, which makes the supply and therefore the price will be even more growing.
Distribution. After a period of time, increase moves the rate again on its side. This is the time that the smart investor is already on sale.
Downtrend. Hereafter, make the price plunge to the bottom. The price goes down, and hence the question. Also, the regular investor is getting from the market.

After that the downtrend will begin the cycle all over again. But please note that this is just the basics. Within the accumulation phase and the distribution phase, there are different stages to it, but that’s our goal in this article is not.
According to the research Of Demeester, it was at the start of 2019 is not a question of money. After the course, vehemently declined the smart investors to acquire a bat. After that, there is a clear uptrend. The price of bitcoin jumped up to 6,000 us dollars (about 5,500 euros) to set the height of 13.800, the $ 12.633 million).
In the place of distribution is a single bitcoin is now, according to the Demeester, in a re-accumulation phase. Investors are still bitcoins on the go, and is, therefore, expected to Demeester, and that the exchange rate in the long term, is still further increased. You can look at the blockchain of bitcoin, then there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the sentiment is indeed positive.
From a study of the Glassnode it appears that the number of ip addresses with thousands of bitcoins continues to grow. However, the number of active addresses, and new addresses will continue to grow. The demand is still growing, and bitcoin is, again, in an up move.

New koopmoment

The theory of Wyckoff is looking for the balance between supply and demand. The Puell Multiple is an indicator which is focusing on the facilities on offer. This indicator is to show that bitcoin is just the beginning of a major surge.
The Puell Multiple of an index. You have to calculate it by the daily issue of a bitcoin in dollars, and dividing that by the 365-day average of the daily issue of a bitcoin in us dollars.
You will then receive the balance of the day to day issue in comparison to the average in the long run. The number is between 0.3 and 0.5? It is a daily issue in u.s. dollars at a historical low. This is a very good koopmoment, and the green line on the chart.
Out of the past, it appears that a number between 4 and 10 and often the top means that it has the red bar on the graph. The chart below is taken from the Glassnode, is a blockchain analyst firm.

At this time, the value of the Puell the Multiple once again in the green box to find it. According to this indicator, the period is once again a good opportunity for bitcoin to buy one.
The reason why the Puell Multiple-in, the green bar is moving, it is that the bitcoin halving on Monday, may 11, has been made. During the bitcoin halving the inflow of new bitcoins is halved. This halveringen you can see in the graph, Glassnode back to the three yellow bars. The daily issue will be cut in half, and that has a direct impact on the Puell Multiple.

Breakout and symmetrical triangle

Back to the technical, anlayse, which may be the exchange rate of the bitcoin format? We’re looking for the price of a bitcoin is expressed in dollars. You can see all of the effects of the end of June last year through to the present day.
Since the end of June last year, is moving the price of bitcoin is in a channel between two parallel, current-trend-line-in. Bitcoin is appeared in the February, going to break, but with the outbreak of the corona virus, threw a spanner in the works. The uncertainty in all the financial markets, but also on the price of bitcoin to go down.
On the positive side, bitcoin is at the very bottom of the channel has been found. From there, bitcoin is things recoverable. In fact, for the price it is now, the channel will be broken. This could mean that the downward trend of the past few months and now, finally, at the end of it, it is.
Also moving the share price is in a symmetrical triangle. These are the blue lines on the chart. Breaking the price out of the triangle? It is the target of the same size as the opening of the triangle on the left-hand side. In this case, a value of 11.500 dollar, possibly in the next couple of weeks.

For almost of golden cross

That sounds a bit far-fetched, but it is a different indicator on the chart is also something to hoopgevends to see it. It is in fact almost a golden cross on the chart.
The golden cross signifies that the 50-day moving average, the Moving Average is above the 200-day moving average is rising. On the graph, you can see the 50-day Moving Average in red and 200-day Moving Average is in green.

The golden cross in april, 2019 and provided for an increase of 150% to 13.800, the $ 12.633 million). The second-the golden cross in February of this year, was less successful. The share price moved, namely, to back all the way to 3.800 us dollars (3.468 eur) at the end of march. It Is three times a charm?
This is not at all a crazy idea. By the end of 2015 provided the stock price as a golden cross. Then it popped up with the 50-day Moving Average is back below the 200-day Moving average. Then came the real golden cross. The red line was above the green line, and the value reached to nearly $ 20,000 (18.260 euros), the highest point of all time.

What do we expect from the course in the next few days?

Anyway, this is all a long-term basis. Tentatively, there are still a few more hot and spicy resistors in the road for bitcoin. Read on to find out what we will expect of course for the next couple of days. And, as always, we take into account both the positive (bullish) and a negative (bearish) scenario.
You are looking below at the chart at the end of February through to the present day. Each candle represents four hours.
In case of an increase, it is the psychological threshold of $ 10,000 (9.162 euros) to the first major resistance. This is the green line on the chart. To succeed, the bitcoin is at this level is to break it? Then it will be $ 10,500 (9.585 euros) to the next resistor. This is the highest point in 2020 and up to date.
If the stock price drops? It is to be expected that the price will find support 9,300 us dollars (8.490 million), and the orange bar on the graph. In the last couple of days, this is a strong zone and it has shown.
Dives in the course below the menu bar, and then to 8,500, the $ 7.760 euro) to the following system. This month, the exchange rate was still almost at this level, it seems to be a strong support.

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