The Coronavirus compromise the holding of the EDCON

March 1, 2020 by Clementine

Although the hypothesis that the coronavirus would become a pandemic wiping out humanity has been ruled out, it is not without consequence on the health of the digital economy. The virus has indeed been cited as the cause of the cancellation of the EDCON, the annual conference on community development for Ethereum.

The situation of the virus in Italy would have been a deterrent

Scheduled to take place at the beginning of the month of April in Vienna, the EDCON has just been cancelled by its organisers and for good reason, the spread of the virus COVID-19, known commonly under the name of Coronavirus, in Italy, a country bordering Austria.
Members the organizers of the EDCON have sent an e-mail to the participants in order to prevent this change. A part of the email reads as follows :

“The well-being of the community Ethereum is the most important thing for us. As we are all well aware of the epidemic of COVID-19, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the EDCON 2020. The decision was difficult but necessary given the safety and health of the host city of Vienna, the site provider WU University, as well as all speakers and participants “.

They have, however, assured that the tradition of the community Ethereum will still be maintained, although the holding of the conference be cancelled for this year.

A missed opportunity for the community Ethereum

Appeared for the first time in Paris in 2017, EDCON became a periodic event which is held annually for the community Ethereum.
Each year, EDCON brings together the thought leaders of the industry Ethereum that are scattered across the world in order to support the growth and adoption of the network among the developers, companies, research institutes, students and even governments.
For this year, the platform has preferred to invite keynote speakers such as Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir and Emin Gün Desired. The cancellation of the event is therefore a huge loss for the community.
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