The Crash of the crypto-markets in March, has revealed for Bitcoin something Super-bullish

12. March, is a day that will be remembered for crypto investors as a day of pain in the history books: In an unprecedented downward movement coincided Bitcoin to the Ground and ripped the entire market with it. Some of the Altcoins had to lose within a few hours by up to 50 percent or more.
The Down-wind from the back, which has catalyzed this decline was generated by Bitcoin. The had lost the support he had determined at $ 8,000 – and was then a fast downward movement of the against the brought him to $ 3800.
The markets have experienced in the aftermath of this carnage, a certain Serenity, where Bitcoin could stabilize within the 6,000-Dollar Region, while many Altcoins occur also in periods of Consolidation.
Now published data from Coinbase to show that this surrender could have revealed decrease in the strength of the crypto-bulls – and this may be a positive sign for the further development of the market.

Crypto-market takes place after the recent turbulence, stability

After the lows of 3,800 dollars Bitcoin has been a rapid and significant recovery, which led the Asset on all-time highs of 6,900 dollars. Here, there was a certain degree of selling pressure of BTC since then, something to go back.
As BTC has pulled the entire crypto market is down, so also its recovery provides a tailwind, which allows it many of the Altcoins, at least a portion of their recent losses.
It is important that this clearance has not been triggered by organic sales pressure, but that he is widely considered to be the result of a cascade of liquidations on the Trading platform BitMEX – although Bitcoins fall under the $ 8,000 generated a selling pressure proved for the buyer as insurmountable.
This idea is also acted supported by the fact that the Sell-off in the entire crypto market has been stopped in that exact Moment, as BitMEX went due to a “Hardware problem” offline with this outage period, Essentially as a circuit breaker to stop the flood of liquidations.
Coinbase reported during this sale a record-high buying activity.
Something that comes out of this whole mess, is the fact that retail investors were incredibly committed to buy the Dip.
In a recent report, Coinbase stated that they have experienced compared to their past 12-Month averages a 5-fold increase in the Bar and cryptographic deposits, as well as a 2-fold increase in new signups in 48 hours, Dip around.
The most important Information in the report and a positive sign for Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole is the fact that these Users were on a large scale buyer of Dips, but:

“Two things are clear: customers of our retail investors Brokerage of goods, while the decline in buyer, and Bitcoin was the clear favorite.”

Since both the current participants as well as newcomers to the crypto market were occupied simultaneously with the purchase of this latest downturn, it seems that private investors are in relation to Bitcoin and the crypto market is largely optimistic.
Bitcoin, currently at # 1 on the market capitalisation, has fallen in the last 24 hours to 1,24%. BTC has a market capitalization of 116,06 billion dollars in a 24-hours-a volume of 41,71 billion dollars

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