The crypto-currencies are strongly mobilized for the donations, transactions and regulations

The ecosystem of crypto-currencies has experienced a tumultuous week resulted in an increase in the price of Bitcoin to 23%, a strong solicitation of donations in BTC or the resumption of the debate on regulation, cryptos at a time when international finance is fixed by the Covid-19.

Bitcoin continues its upward trend

After a crash, a passenger recorded the week of march 2, 2020, the Bitcoin has quickly recovered from its decline. In two weeks, the active has won nearly 23% of its value, so that there are not more than 50 days before the new division of protocol of the rewards of blasting (Halving).
Following the analyses of the observers, Bitcoin is a security for investors in this time of crisis, reason for which its adoption is increasingly gaining the confidence of the people. Moreover, a recent study of Glassnode Studio has reported that in just a few days, the number of portfolios containing at least 1 BTC reached almost 788 000.

The crypto-regulation is of concern to the institutions at the time of the Covid-19

The crypto-currencies have also played an important role in the fight against the pandemic of sars coronavirus in recent weeks. In this case, more and more organizations such as the Red Cross have encouraged donations in BTC and other digital tokens to meet the needs of the health authorities Italian.
Note that the humanitarian association in Italy has been able to collect close to $ 10,000 worth of donations in cryptos in the space of three days before returning to his call to reach the $ 26,000, intended to supply the medical staff of first aid equipment.
On the other hand, the excitement of the solicitation of donations and the acceleration of the adoption of crypto-currencies has worried governments about the risks of exposure of the population to scams. In the United States, bills are flying over the prospects for the creation of a dollar digital in view of an economic recovery, however, the politicians do manage to get a positive deal.
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