The crypto Event of the year: Only 100 days to bitcoin is the ultimate scarcity

The long-awaited halving of Bitcoin is to be done in around 100 days. From then on, the Asset will be twice as scarce.

Bitcoin and the halving

The most anticipated crypto-currency event is imminent: the halving of Bitcoin. It is estimated that they will be on the 12. In may 2020, to be held, so we are only 100 days to reduce the rewards for Mining by half.
This means that Bitcoin is much more scarce and, as a probable consequence, more valuable.
Here at Coin Update, the topic was already treated from all points of view at some length. For example, Bitcoin is now in a unique Position, because there is more Fiat-points of contact than ever before.
Analysts are divided on whether or not we can expect a rise before or after the halving with a significant price. In a study of Messari has been controversial to state that the increase is probably already priced in.
In addition, the analysis of the often-quoted Stock-to-Flow ratio in the prediction of future price movements in question.
It is still debated whether this could be the case, many come to terms with the idea that a positive movement will happen after the halving. Some have even made the bold assertion that Bitcoin could achieve a halving, on the basis of historical Trends up to 400,000$.
Past performance is, however, not necessarily of future performance, so we should beware of simplistic to compare the end of.
This is not to say that the semi-structuring of the past can give some insight into what to expect. For example, Bitcoin has reached the last two semi-arrangements in the years 2012 and 2016, around 200 days before the bottom of the valley.
This would indicate that Bitcoin has to be found somewhere in the autumn of 2019 its recent low point – and that we are seeds of us are currently in a long upward trend up to the halving. Here, too, there is no guarantee that Bitcoin has repeated the same cycle four years ago.
Overall, many theories about Bitcoins exist halving. But it is certain that we will experience in the coming year, a serious volatility. The bullish bottoming of 2018 seems to lie now far behind us, but it remains to be seen whether Bitcoin can develop in the year 2020 a new momentum. The most Important is not the halving itself, but what comes after probably will be.

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