The crypto-industry is experiencing a new breath of life

The measures of confinement were unanimous across several countries of the world to limit the spread of the COVID-19, a situation that prompts many people to turn to digital currencies. And the Russians are no exception.

Increase in traffic in Russia

After that Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has ordered a week off paid towards the end of the month of march, an increase in traffic related to crypto-trade is observed in Russia. According to the studies of Qrator Labs, a Russian company of cyber – security, the traffic has seen an increase of 5,56% compared to the month of February.
At the same time, the company has also reported a massive growth of denial of service attacks (DDoS) on the exchange sites of crypto-currencies. According to its report, the number of DDoS attacks on the platforms of crypto-trade has increased 486% over the same period.

The current crisis to the advantage of crypto-currencies

The statements of the fans of crypto-currencies have always predicted that the present situation represents a golden opportunity for the industry. And the developments in Russia are tangible evidence of this that the followers of crypto-currencies have advanced previously.
What’s more, these numbers could even grow since President Putin just extended the week is not a business day until the end of this month, if it has been initially planned for the period between 28 march and 5 April. On his side, as the price of BTC has been very encouraging during the month of march.
Recently, Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the main site of crypto-exchange Gemini, has made another remark about the importance of Covid-19 for Bitcoin and its users.

“Bitcoin will be a turning point in history in his life thanks to the coronavirus.” would he advanced.

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