The crypto-scammers are targeting new zealanders

The health crisis has grown to a global scale does nothing to improve the problems of security in the crypto-industry. And for proof, the new zealanders have been the target of a crypto-scam, an incident that the local police recently made.

Users ‘ privacy is threatened

Many new zealanders have received e-mails referring to the blackmail by Bitcoin against the non-disclosure of information about their use of pornography.
Apparently, these scammers have obtained this information by hacking the computer of these people, which allowed them to spy on the Internet activities of these, primarily those which refer to videos for adults. In addition to the internet activities of the latter, these pirates have also claimed to have obtained their passwords.
The ransom demanded by these scammers is of the order of 1900 new zealand dollars denominated in Bitcoin, or the equivalent of 1150 us dollars. The victims are forced to pay this sum under the threatening pressure of the hackers to disclose such information to their relatives.

The first blackmail in Bitcoin in New Zealand

New Zealand has always been the theatre of many hacks, but this is the first time that the crooks demand a ransom denominated in bitcoins.
Callum McNeil, a detective sergeant main of the new zealand police, has advised the people targeted through these e-mails by malicious delete and report them to the authorities in the shortest possible time.

“We ask that anyone believing themselves a victim of this scam and transferred money to contact the police by calling the 105.” has he concluded.

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