The crypto-stock exchange Mt.Gox announces a new deadline for its rehabilitation plan

The crypto-stock exchange MT Gox, now in receivership, has extended the deadline for submission of its rehabilitation plan until July 1, 2020.

A new deadline

The procedure of rehabilitation of MT Gox, has been postponed to 1 July 2020, following a motion filed by the leaders of the firm at the Tokyo district court. In effect, MT GOX has received a suspended sentence because of “questions that require a more thorough examination,” said the lawyers of the firm.
The deadline for the rehabilitation plan was initially set for march 31. As a reminder, the exchange platform Mt.Gox has suspended its activities due to hacking devastating that occurred on its platform, resulting in the loss of 850,000 BTC.
Since then, investors have continued to claim a repayment plan that is at the height of their expectations. For the moment, the it experts were able to take a portion of BTC stolen content in a single crypto-wallet.

The discontent grows

The refund methods are an apple of discord within the platform MT Gox. At the beginning, crypto-stock exchange had planned to partially repay the investors in fiat currency and not in bitcoin. However, investors stress that it would not be to their benefit to be paid in this way, since the amount of the refund will be determined according to the course of the BTC at the time of the hacking,
According to estimates, this value of refunds expected to reach $ 500, if it was referring to this date, which is significantly poor compared to the current price of bitcoin.

“Most of these creditors usually are experts in Bitcoin themselves, who want to stay on the market “, has underlined a source close to the folder.

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