The cryptocurrencies fight against the regulations

The government of the United Kingdom (UK) has proposed that the promotions of the cryptocurrencies, including advertisements, are under the jurisdiction of the financial regulator of the country, the Authority to Conduct Financial (FCA). The Treasury published a document entitled “Cryptoasset promotions.” In this sense, one can observe how the cryptocurrencies fight against the regulations in different parts of the world.

Uk could be regular announcements of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The Uk Treasury has published a document that proposed that the Authority to Conduct Financial (FCA), which regulates the advertisements of cryptocurrencies.

Considered to include “certain types of cryptocurrencies within the scope of the regulation of promotions financial.” The proposal is classified in consumer protection, market integrity and financial crime.

They want to regulate the ads to avoid promotions misleading and inappropriate. Regulated companies also must pass by the FCA for promotions.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter sued for censoring criptos

Increasingly, the cryptocurrencies fight against the regulations. Therefore, JPB Liberty is organizing a Class Action against Facebook, Google and Twitter. For their prohibition continues of the advertising related to Crypto.

This prohibition was a violation of anti-monopoly violated the competition of Australia and the law of consumer protection. Caused damages for billions of dollars.

The companies that do business in Australia and that incur in violations of antitrust can be sued for damages around the world in the australian courts.

JPB Liberty is a law firm that seeks to preserve liberty and freedom in the online world. Considered that the applications and decentralized projects and the cryptocurrencies represent the future of the freedom, privacy and democracy in line.

Army of the united States wants to track transactions of cryptocurrencies

The Department of the Army, the federal agency that is part of the Department of Defense, and oversees the Army of the united States, is in search of a tool that runs in the cloud and can help the Command of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Army to track the cryptocurrencies and to analyze the sources of transaction.

The agency wants an existing tool, cloud-based for Bitcoin and other criptomodenas. The IRS, the DEA and the Secret Service have made similar moves lately.

According to the description, the agency is looking for: “potential contractors capable of providing a license to a user of an application in the cloud, web-based, able to help the law enforcement agencies to identify and stop the agents that are using cryptocurrencies for illegal activities such as fraud, extortion and money-laundering”.

In a few lines…

There are 7.1 million americans who have already made the leap to buy Bitcoin, or soak in our industry. Have a retirement account, but do not have Bitcoin in the account, said Radloff Morgan Creek Digital. Founder Anthony Pompliano in an interview on the 18th of July.The commentator financial Peter Schiff said that holders of Bitcoin (BTC) not really looking for the asset as a storage of wealth, one of the use cases most commonly promoted around the coin.According to reports, the director of operations of Wirecard, Jan Marsalek, used Bitcoin (BTC) to move funds to Dubai to Russia. The means of communication Russian Kommersant reported that Marsalek is hiding in Russia. With funds that he was able to transfer there with the criptomoneda.

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