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One of the main features of the technology Blockchain, and of the cryptocurrencies in general, is its extreme decentralization. Something that many in the crypto community have been assumed as a fundamental value of the strings of blocks. That seems to include Binance, which operates under a scheme of large-scale decentralization, as it says Changpeng Zhao in our Tweet of the day:

Binance and decentralization

The theme of the values of the Blockchain, has generated debate within the crypto community since the early days of the development of Bitcoin. And is that, for many users of cryptocurrencies, the simple fact of participating in the crypto world, means that you’re subjected to a certain set of values and principles that you must follow in your performance. For others, these so-called values do not exist, and they are simply a trend that points to a majority of users and companies like Binance. But, at no time, should be a moral for all members of the crypto world. Therefore, the same should be free to use the technology Blockchain the way you choose to do so. In any case, whether they accept the obligatory nature of these values or not, no one can deny that decentralization has been a crucial part in the development of the technology Blockchain. Something that seems to extend to large companies in the sector as Binance, according to one of the last tweets from your CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao: “I have to confess something. I just read the white paper #BinanceSmartChain, for the first time, today. No one bothered to send me a copy before it was published. I got the link on Twitter. It is a good white paper. Oh super excited!“. What will be the decentralization of Binance part of your success? That seems to imply Changpeng Zhao. This tweet, although written in jest, it reveals basic elements of the operation of Binance. Because, unlike what you might think due to the immense popularity of Changpeng Zhao within the crypto world. The exchange seems to operate under a scheme of large-scale decentralization. What could represent a great advantage, and one of the key ingredients to the success of the company.

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