the decline of $ 300 in just a few seconds

You will need to have a strong heart and have your bitcoin property. This morning, at 06:57 and dropped the bitcoin rate by three-hundred dollars in just a few seconds. This exercise helped to ensure that the bitcoin is less than $ 10,000 (9.129 euros) was worth it.
But, why would reduced the price, so hard and sharp? That probably has something to do with a bitcoin futures contracts, gap to be filled.

CME bitcoin futures, gaps are often filled to capacity

At the CME Group can you trade in bitcoin futures contracts. This show is going to be in for the weekend to be close, but in the meantime it will move the bitcoin price on exchanges, such as Bitstamp and BTC is Right again.
Therefore, it may be that there is a ” gap ” to emerge in the bitcoin price at the CME Group. These holes are called also known as the gap. This past weekend, there was a gap.
The openkoers on Monday night, is a lot more expensive than the closing price on Friday. You can see on the chart below, then back in. On the left you can see the market price at the CME Group, and one on the right is the bitcoin price on Bitstamp.

The theory goes that investors, as a hole and want to fill it. Or, in other words, the price should be in the next day, and the value of the gap to go up. And this should be done within the opening hours of the CME Group for that to happen.
This is what happened this morning, the share price fell in the short period of time, with more than $ 300 to 9.730, the $ 8.886 million).
Investors in CME Group do not have a direct effect on the bitcoin price. The reason is that the futures contracts are settled in us dollars. But often, they also deal in the bitcoin market, the price of a helping hand. Here you can read, for example, how to do it.

The decline doesn’t have much to do

All of the positive expectations as to the trash can? That does not, according to the experience trader filbfilb.
In an interview with Cointelegraph, he tells us the following: “This has been a fairly mild dip. The test of the time and the look at the CME gap was likely to be. The question now is whether we will be back soon and can go to 10k or lower levels is to test.’
What do you think? Will the bitcoin price go back to $ 10,000, or will the market go down further?

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