The DeFi-Token YFI is, according to these data, the dezentralste project on Ethereum

A big issue in the Crypto-Space currencies, the centralization of the individual Crypto. On 5. August brought Kyle Davies, President of Three Arrows Capital is a clear expression that he is “very concerned about the Crypto-Gini coefficient”.

A Gini coefficient is usually a metric that is used by national authorities, to analyze the extent of wealth inequality in countries and groups of people.

Bitcoin is a good example of the potential for large inequalities in crypto currency, because, although we can believe in and want that Satoshi Nakamoto has good intentions and possibly never his Funds, and he alone, technically, about 5.5 percent of the entire stock of BTC.

The same is true for many other crypto-currencies, in particular those distributed through ICOs or to a company with the needed money have been sold.

As the decentralised Finance (DeFi) is becoming increasingly popular, has become the centralisation, in particular, in this Segment of the Crypto-Space, in the point of view. For whom a supposedly decentralized project in which the distribution of the Tokens is centralized use? In particular, it becomes critical when there is a Governance-Token.

YFI is the decentralisation test Ethereum-DeFi-project

According to the head of DTC Capital, Spencer Noon, is (YFI), which relates to the distribution of the tokens, the most equitably distributed, decentralized project, the “the” on the Blockchain of Ethereum.

The YFI Token has won a few weeks ago, a lot of attention. Is it any wonder after the YFI say the course in the shortest amount of time and write a 14,000% in the amount of shot, although he is, according to its inventor and the founder of a Token without a monetary value. Obviously, the market disagrees.

The Investor, who also acts as the On-Chain-Analyst, quoted data, which shows how much percent of the offer have the five most important addresses for each of the leading Ethereum-based crypto-currency. He tweeted the following statistics:

Compund (COMP): 64.6 per cent basic Attention Token (BAT): 24.5% maker: 23.5 percent Ethereum: 12,9 9.5%

Noon noticed, however, after the publication of this data, that a mistake was made, because “the first address of the COMP is to be a sales contract, the 40,6% of the property has”. Accordingly, the percentage of COMP Token is considerably lower and ranges, more likely in the range of about 25%.

As is clear from the data, surprisingly, is YFI currencies, however, one of the most decentralized Crypto in terms of the distribution of your tokens. According to Noon, this Trend is for the project is remarkable:

It is only 2 weeks old, but YFI is already the most decentralized DeFi-project of all time. The Result? By far the most dedicated Crypto-Community in the early stages, I’ve ever seen.

Maybe he’s right: In two weeks, in which the Token exists, has transferred to its owners, the management of the YEarn-Protocol, which was voted on more than 30 proposals, which have decided the future of the project. There was even a Governance discussion about whether Andre Cronje, the founder of yEarn, Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman for an Episode of the podcast “Bankless” should connect or not. Here seems to be discussing everything.

The magic of YFI, the can’t copy his clones

The apparent success of the DeFi project, the YFI course and its meteoric rise and its active Governance process is embodied, not surprisingly, it produced imitators. There are now YFII, YFFI, Asuka, and countless other Token, the attempt, the success of YEarn to imitate.

Kelvin Koh, a Partner of The Spartan Group, pointed out that these clones have compared to the original project, four significant deficiencies:

The Differenzierungden green thethe Community and the investors.

As Koh pointed out in a detailed Twitter Thread on this topic, has YFI on a decentralized distribution model, a strong founder that has created many of the tokens for themselves, a thriving Community and a long list of prominent investors.

These four factors worked together, made it possible for YFI to be early in his development, while his imitators among the numerous problems suffered, and to enjoy with the utmost caution.

The latter, however, applies also for YFI itself, because by its operation the Yield is Farming by means of Yearn.Finance is still a significantly higher risk than the actual thing already is. Here, too, so use with caution.

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