The estimates of Blockware Solutions on the reduction of half of the Bitcoin

11 April 2020 by Océane

As and to the extent that the reduction to half of the rewards for the mining of the Bitcoin is approaching, the debates surrounding this event do not cease to grow. It is precisely in this perspective that Blockware Solutions has conducted research on the crypto-mining in order to notify the community of crypto on the implications of this procedure as expected.

An upheaval before the outbreak

Given that the halving means halving of the reward in the BTC collected by the miners, which is highly unfavorable. To this effect, the miners of Bitcoin which will no longer bear the expenses of the mine will inevitably assign their assets in crypto-currencies and will cease their activities by the following.
Since a large number of BTC are no longer held in the portfolio, but sold on the market, the price of the asset could drop to near 5000 dollars
Once minors are discouraged are deserting the sector, and that only a small number of platform, blasting will be inclined to continue their activities, the network will become more efficient in the sense that the profit margin is high enough for the market of Bitcoin know of a new deluge.

A positive sentiment on the demand side

Another case of figure is to consider : the reduction to half of the assets could lead to a psychological feeling positive about the market. In effect, the potential impact of the event on the prices could boost its demand.
This optimism will guide the expectations of actors in the market crypto to invest more, which will trigger a bullish momentum.
Blockware Solutions has argued in this regard :

“Everybody has seen the rise in power of the reduction half and all of the world, at any given time, has missed (at times) remarkable in Bitcoin and this is why Bitcoin has more holders than any other asset. “

What do you think of the results of the research of Blockware Solutions ? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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