The Ex of Kim Kardashian, a fan of the Chainlink

So far, there appears to be a celebrity who is very fond of bitcoin. Consider, for example, a Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, the UFC fighter, Ben Askren, or the American Footballspeler Russell Okung. But it’s also a good athlete that a fan is Chainlink, and is a former basketball player, Kris Humphries:

Humphries believes in the smart contract

Humphries has played from 2004 up to 2017 as a power forward in the national basketball association (NBA, the united states basketbalcompetitie. You might know him in a different way in 2011, married at the age of Humphries model, and realityster, and Kim Kardashian. Took a long time for the marriage, after 77 days, the couple is already separated from it.
The former basketball player can see a bright future for the Chainlink. The reasons, according to him, is simple: “The world is relying more and more on data. Smart contracts are no different. Chainlink is the one and only solution is that the data in the smart contract, in a decentralized and safe way. The future is now.”

Chainlink community is responding enthusiastically

Chainlink has a more active community on social media, Chainlinkfans are well-known for its use of creative memes and funny pictures. It didn’t take long before Humphries and basketbalmemes of the stable came out. Like Lebron James, for example:

Or this one:

What is the Chainlink?

Chainlink is the one for oracle services, products, data from the real world to connect to the smart contracts. Smart contracts are contracts on the blockchain, which will be executed automatically. Consider, for example, an insurance company. If it is, the summer is dry, then farmers will automatically be compensated for their losses.
Previously, the developers of this data is out there in the real world and have to manually enter it. And that will cost you time and money. With the Chainlink, is it possible to use this data to automatically be processed in a smart contract.
The corresponding token, the LINK is a lot of altcoinliefhebbers is very popular. At the beginning of this year, it was a LINK of only 1,80 dollars, and in march, it was the height of 4.80 dollars is reached. An increase of as much as 166 per cent in a little over two months.

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