The fight against the Coronavirus promotes the activities of the cryptocriminels

While the panic surrounding the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 continues to grow, scammers are taking advantage of the situation to make a fortune. Web sites promoting remedies against the virus abound in recent weeks.

Sell false hopes

While there is no cure or vaccine has yet been officially acknowledged as a treatment or prevention against the virus, the commercialization of a so-called antidote is all the rage on web sites , in exchange of bitcoins.
A Web site Russian comes to this effect to be disabled for having proposed of the supposed vaccine doses that can be administered up to three people. To make its product, the site claims to publish the research of the australian national University, Canberra.
In addition to the sale of drugs, other people are also trying to multiply the traps, creating false charities and support organizations which take donations in bitcoins.

The sector crypto shows his generosity

However, all is not as tragic in the sphere of crypto. Certainly, the criminal compete of ingenuity to fool the people, but the sector has been rather a valuable aid in the fight against the pandemic.
For proof, BitPay has supported the international Red Cross to collect donations in bitcoins. Moreover, the crypto-miners are also in the process to support the project folding @ home of Stanford University in their research on the protein.
In addition to this, proposals to apply the technology of Blockchain to fight against the virus has also led the community to adopt a number of initiatives, including the Covidathon, a hackathon eight weeks sponsored by SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol, not to mention the support in the management of the complex logistics of the delivery of medical equipment.
All in all, organizations and individuals wanting to make donations via crypto-currencies should be evidence of extensive research.
How do you eliminate the profiteers of this fight ? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.
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