The fight against the US-Dollar

Bitcoin (BTC) is regarded as a safe haven and a hedge in times of crisis. This reputation is the oldest and most famous Cryptocurrency was once again fair. Here, BTC was able to convince once again, a multi-billion company that it’s worth it to invest in the crypto currency. What company is this and why Bitcoin is part of a 250.000.000 USD Investments, you can find out in this article.

BTC as a weapon against a fragile Dollar

With an investment in BTC often the idea is connected: Bitcoin is a lucrative Hedge (engl. for a hedge) against Inflation and political risks. This shows that the digital currency is considered not only from private investors but also from large corporations and companies as a capital good.

The year 2020 turns out to be more and more as the year of crypto-currencies. In addition to the awakening of the Altcoins, as well as the Hype around Decentralized Finance, is benefiting in particular BTC. It is not just the course itself, but rather, what happens ‘in the Background’ and long-term in nature.

So the Bitcoin Halving took place this year for the a, which underlines the scarcity of crypto-currency. In addition to this fact, the more regular are but especially News in terms of new institutions that invest in the crypto currency. No matter whether hedge Fund or record messages from providers such as Fidelity or Grayscale under the demand of stress.

Companies as a catalyst for crypto-currencies?

An important catalyst was not considered in this case, however, for a long time: investments by large (quoted) companies. So there is a significant amount of companies, the self-so-called Corporate Portfolios (dt. Company’s portfolio) have.

In our article specifically relating to the company, MicroStrategy. This is a Software company which now wants to invest part of their assets. It’s going to be a considerable sum of 250 million US dollars, to be paid in BTC.

The aim of the investment is an increase in the purchasing power due to an increase in the value of the Investment as well as a stable hedge against Inflation is, of course. Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, commented on the Investment as follows:

Even if we need liquid capital, it can be negative, if we hold it in US dollars. Therefore, we looked around for Assets such as Gold, silver, and Bitcoin, the gain in value while the Dollar is weakening.

Bitcoin is the logical consequence of the current monetary policy?

It is already clear that the avoidance of loss of purchasing power is an absolute necessity for any company. It is clear that BTC will now almost always associated with Gold.

A new feature of this history is now but that also traditional companies to invest in the crypto currency. While billion-dollar hedge funds such as Tudor Investment Corp, or Renaissance Technologies recognized this Trend a few months ago, is now growing interest in classical companies.

No matter whether we use Apple or Microsoft as a benchmark. All of these companies have on their Balance Sheets (dt. Balance sheets) positions in short-term investments (engl. short-term investments). These include short-term investments investment in short-term bonds, for example. In view of the low interest rate policy is the need for the company’s alternative investment to search for ways are at any time convertible into cash, however, here, too. This BTC could benefit enormously, because in addition to its property as a Hedge, the crypto-currency can also be seen, with some of the very strong price gains.

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75 % of private CFD accounts lose money. No EU investor protection.

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