The Foundation VOID and an american University is launching a program Blockchain

April 21, 2020 by Antoine

Applications Blockchain are complex and varied. Because of this configuration nebula, the Foundation Zero has designed an educational program to train students of the University of Portland (PSU) on the specific aspects of the Blockchain.

Two programs based around the Blockchain

These last two months, the Foundation ZERO has provided, not one, but two different courses Blockchain to the students of the university of Portland. The educational programs address two specific areas of the Blockchain, i.e. the business applications and technology of the Blockchain.
Thus, the first current Blockchain is titled “Blockchain’s in Business” and educates students on the impact of the Blockchain on the trade, including how this technology is revolutionizing the supply chain of companies. The second course includes a practical guide for the development of decentralized applications (dApp) and smart contracts on a Blockchain.
The two initiatives seem to be unanimity among some students, like America Tirado.

“I learned a lot and this has allayed my fear of technology Blockchain. I’ve heard of Bitcoin and I was asked to invest in this technology in the early 2000s “, he stressed.

The missions of the Blockchain NULL and void

The collaboration with PSU is only the first of a long series of projects that the foundation has put in place with other institutions of higher education. Through its commitment to train students in the Blockchain, the foundation would like to address the lack of competence of the entrepreneurs in regards to this technology.
This initiative has convinced the steering committee of the University of Portland on the relevance of the Blockchain to shape the economy of the future.

“It is important for our students and our faculty that the PSU remains at the forefront of new technologies and emerging markets. We would like to thank the Foundation VOID for his support of our program and we look forward to future collaborations “, stressed the official website of the university.

What do you think of the initiative of the Foundation VOID to form the university in the framework of the technology Blockchain ? Respond in the comments section below.
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