The founder of Venture of America filed her candidacy for the municipal elections of New York

February 24, 2020 by Océane

If the intention of Andrew Yang to participate in the presidential elections in November 2017, has rekindled the hopes of the crypto-american community in the development of the sector crypto, the character has recently given up on this project to stand as a candidate in the local elections.

“Rendezvous in New York “

Yang maintains intact its favourable position, to crypto-currencies. Playing on this profile, it has developed a program for the crypto-industry and spreading the idea to integrate the Blockchain in the electoral system, in order to put the ballot in the shelter of the fraud.
Indeed, the visions and the ingenious strategies of Yang have been the subject of debate, propelling it to the front of the political scene. But in spite of his desire to succeed, the contractor has not received the same support from his opponents, or even the two senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
Without hesitation, Yan takes his courage in both hands and turned towards other horizons where the grass is fresher :

“I don écarterais certainly not the opportunity to introduce myself to new elections “.

Andrew Yang will he be alone the cause of crypto-currencies ?

Contrary to the opinion of Yang, Elizabeth Warren, a senator and a candidate in the next presidential election, highlighted in his speech his caution against crypto-currencies and the technology Blockchain. In addition, it intends to add an additional barrier to minimize any potential fraud in this specific field.
Definitely, the sector of the crypto-currencies u.s. seems to be losing its support at the level of the presidency, but as a magistrate of the town in new york, Andrew Yang will still be able to make its contribution to support the Blockchain and crypto-currencies.
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