The founder of Wikipedia, denies the collaboration with the Bitcoin VS

12 February 2020 by Antoine

In a tweet ruling, the boss of Wikipedia has stated that his platform had no intention of collaborating with representatives of the Bitcoin SV (BSV). This announcement comes in after that Jimmy Nguyen, of the Association of Bitcoin, had predicted a hypothetical partnership with Wikipedia.

No chance to enter into a partnership

Shocked by the statements made by Jimmy Nguyen about a collaboration project between the BSV and Wikipedia during the next conference in London from 20 to 21 February, Jimmy Wales has recently clarified the situation by declaring in a message on Twitter that there was no chance that the two platforms could enter into a partnership.
Following the post of the founder of Wikipedia, assumptions, previous to Jimmy Nguyen on the needs of each of the two structures to work together is completely erroneous, and may lead to confusion. In this perspective, he said :

“Your statements marketing must be updated immediately – because people seem to read this as a kind of endorsement on my part. I just say what I think, which includes the BSV does not offer anything for Wikipedia and that there is no chance that we would use it “.

Jimmy Wales would be a skeptic according to Calvin Ayre

After having an echo of this statement razor-sharp Jimmy Wales, Calvin Ayre, the investor of the BSV and not least source of tension between Wikipedia and the BSV, has responded by calling the founder of the website skeptical.
Trying to defend his position and that of Jimmy Nguyen, he said :

“Hello Jimmy, I’m the producer of the conference at which you speak. I have asked my team to make the changes that you want. I have not seen what you are talking about. Have a skeptic among us, it is well. (…). “

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