The game Blockchain “SkyWear” raises $ 5 million

13 march 2020 by Clementine

The games studio Horizon at the origin of the game “SkyWear” has just completed a financing round of $ 5 million. This financial godsend will be used in addition to enhance the immersive experience of ” Skywear “.

A fundraiser successful

After having raised more than $ 3.75 million in capital at beginning of the year, Horizon has managed to collect 5 million dollars of additional funding by the end of the week. Thus, several venture capital firms of the first rank, namely, Polychain Capital, ConsenSys, Golden Ventures, the Digital Currency Group, CMT Digital and Regah Ventures, have participated in the last round of funding made by Horizon.
The funds collected will be used to finance the development of the game Blockchain ” SkyWear “, a set of collection of digital maps similar to the Gathering Arena, and Hearthstone. The game Blockchain stands out, however, by the fact that exchanges between players are carried out on Ethereum. Thus, each card is available in the form of tokens, as well as non-fungible (Non-Fungible Tokens / NFT) held in portfolios of crypto-currencies.

The future developments of “Skywear”

The network SkyWeaver has been launched in private beta for almost a year and has been limited to a restricted number of players. Through a series of fund raising is successful, the Horizon project account to deploy his game as a public beta in the course of the year and host an unlimited number of new players.

“With 12 000 players, and over 90,000 other players waiting to enter, we already have a wonderful community of which we are extremely grateful,” says the project.

The team behind the development of Skywear account also make improvements to the user interface of the game Blockchain. At the same time, more and more game designers are beginning to introduce tokens non-fungible to the general public, like CryptoKitties and Skywear.
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