The game Decentraland is available on Ethereum

February 26, 2020 by Clementine

The game Decentraland has been successfully deployed on Ethereum and now offers the possibility for investors to spend their assets in crypto in a world of virtual reality.

Decentraland, a game for the crypto-investors

Decentraland is a virtual reality world, decentralized players can purchase real estate fictitious. Its recent line means it is now possible to acquire real estate virtual available in the form of tokens, as well as non-fungible (NFT) baptized LAND on the gaming platform.
Built in a decentralized manner, Decentraland is managed by an autonomous organization decentralized (DAO), and allows a set of users to make changes in the functioning of Decentraland.

“The launch includes the implementation of the DAO Decentraland, the comprehensive decentralization of the global infrastructure (communications between the users and the content delivery), and, especially, the access of the public to the best of the Metaverse (tool for the creation of a 3D world)”.

Also, the users of the platform have at their disposal a software development kit (SDK) to create interactive scenes in 3D in the universe of Decentraland.

A virtual reality game supported by the Blockchain

Unlike virtual games conventional (including World of Warcraft), Decentraland is fully performed on the technology of Blockchain and would not be under the control of a video game studio.

“From now on, no officer will have the power to change the rules of the software, manage content LAND, to modify the economy of MANA, you upgrade the contract smart LAND unilaterally, or to prevent others from gaining access to the world, among other features of decentralization “, informs the team of Decentraland on his blog.

The team Decentraland aims to attract several hundred thousand users within a year and popularize the games virtual decentralized to the community of Gamers.
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