The Google drive halving Search for “Bitcoin” the BTC prices?

One of the most important crypto events of the year is getting closer: the halving of the Bitcoin block reward for 2020. From block chain data and derived estimates suggest that the key event in less than 30 days – a month – will occur.
Thus, the number of Block per issued BTC is cut in half-Coins (hence the nickname “halving”), which will result in Bitcoin to an immediate decline in the rate of inflation by 50%.
The imminent halving is a significant event, and data from Google Trends suggests that interest in the term “Bitcoin halving” shoot to new all-time highs.

The Hype around bitcoin halving reaches new record highs

“Google Trends”data from the 14. April, according to the American Google searched for users in the past month, more than ever, the term “Bitcoin halving”. Google assumes that the demand for the keyword is set to double in the coming month as compared with the current Figures.

Data from the global Google users show a similar Trend, which is also an indication that the interest in the “halving of Bitcoin” will soon reach an all-time high.
Google Trends analyzes the interest on a term by rating of the search volume of the term on a scale of Zero to 100. 100 represents the highest level of interest in a term for each Region and time period. The graph above shows that the demand for the term “Bitcoin halving” is today three times as high as 2016.
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It should be noted that the interest in the concept of “halving” has also experienced an increase, but since this is a normal word in the colloquial language of the Public, a flows it is not in the Bitcoin halving.

Such as halving the crypto market could boost

Although the correlation was marred by the crash on “Black Thursday” in March, there was a slight correlation between the Performance of Bitcoin, and the result of Google Trends for this term.
The interest in the concept began in week 8. To rise in December as BTC its all-time low at 6,400 $ has reached, and then took place in the week from 15. February, a local peak that was very close to the maximum of $ 10,500 in.
Since the crash on may 12. March has doubled the interest in the halving, currencies with a 100% recovery of the exchange rate of Bitcoin and other Crypto falls.
Below you see a chart that shows this potential correlation, where the red points indicate lows in the price of Bitcoin.

The interest in this event in connection with the continuation of this correlation exist suggests that Bitcoin is ready to recover in the next few weeks even more.
In addition, no one is fundamentally seen in the halving of the Event is to increase Bitcoins value proposition – the econometric model of the crypto-analysts PlanB indicates that the fair value of BTC will rise after the event to 50,000 up to 100,000$.
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