The growing demand for crypto-currencies has created a temporary breakdown in BitBay

The global health crisis the current economic crisis has not only changed the lives of the people, but has also changed their perception of digital currencies. In effect, the containment measures have led to a massive recourse to the investment crypto, to such an extent that BitBay has experienced a failure due to the saturation of the network.

A network problem

Many users have reported problems when opening the interface BitBay, one of the largest crypto exchanges in poland. The exchange platform has not been slow to announce the existence of this anomaly on Twitter.
According to the announcement of the platform, this problem is not explained by the accessibility, since users can always have access to the Web site of the crypto-exchange. But once they entered it, a number of anomalies relating to the services arise.
All in all, it is a failure resulting from network problems or from the external service provider. To remedy this, the exchange platform has so contacted the supplier to find solutions to the problem.

An influx of demand remarkable

We noticed the network outage just after the platform of crypto-trade has seen a strong increase in its volume of trade in mid-march.
In effect, the exchange site recorded its peak on the day of march 13, when the volume of the pair Bitcoin-złoty Polish (PLN) has reached the 11233 BTC, or a value of approximately $ 75 million in only 24 hours.
Certainly, traders have temporarily turned to the other exchange sites, european to make the trading with the euro. Curiously, the pair BTC-EUR of the crypto-exchange has registered a historic record on march 18, with a trading volume of 223 bitcoins.
What do you think of this network outage is due to the increase in the volume of trading in BitBay ? Let us know your opinion in the section below.
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