The IMF calls the digital currency s are one of the priorities for the europe 2020 Breaking News

The following video sums up economist Kristalina Georgieva, one of the priorities of the International Monetary Fund (imf) to 2020. All of these goals, the health of the global economy, to promote.
Georgieva said that in order to have a healthy global economy, the 189 member states, by encouraging leaders to keep abreast with the current developments in fintech, including digital currencies.’

To recognize innovation better than to deny it

Although they are not marked, indicates Georgieva on the cryptocurrency’s and CBDC’s. These are the computer programs is under the control of the central bank. The IMF is often expressed on fintech. Also, it urges the organization of countries-for quite a while now to make the transition to the digital age and to embrace it. This past september, said Lagarde, a former director of the IMF, but also in relation to digital currencies:
In this environment, central banks, and supervisors in the safety and security of the financial sector, to ensure, but also to be open to the opportunities that change offers. In the case of new technologies, including digital currencies, this means that we must be alert to the risks to the financial stability of use, privacy policy, or other criminal activities, and the need to ensure that there is appropriate regulation in order to take technology to the general interest, send it in. It is also a recognition of the broader social benefits of innovation, and provide them with the space to develop.’

There are already alternative platforms

In spite of the support of the IMF and the digital assets, ” says the principal economist of the organization, and Gita Gopinath, and that it will take a while before all of these advancements and innovations will become commonplace.
Gopinath recently published a column in the Financial Times. This, she wrote that digital currencies, central banks and digital money from the tech industry to boost it. Especially in the area of the present-day ” slow, expensive, and cumbersome cross-border payments. However, they also wrote that it was a very, very long time it can take for a digital currency to the dollar, from the throne, may be disposed of.
Digital currencies, issued by large technology companies, it would no doubt be a number of benefits over fiat currency. Large-scale deals, such as the Chinese, WeChat Pay, to provide a seamless integration of multiple services on a single platform, combined with a low-cost, user-friendly system. However, it is the probability that a person is a single unit of account would have to be disconnected from a fiat currency, it’s small, not least because of the complex rules and regulations and the jurisdiction.’
Actually, it is crazy that they are not referring to the Libra, but in the English to Chinese payment solution. On the other hand, in the Netherlands you see more and more stickers on the winkelramen that WeChat Pay, and AliPay accepted methods of payment are. In that regard, the Libra is still a long way to go.

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