The Incident with the Norwegian bitcoin billionaire proof that you don’t need to brag about your cryptocurrency

It’s really so obvious, but it can’t be said too often. Just be careful of how much cryptocurrency you own. Even if you have dozens of bitcoins, and if you want it from the rooftops shouting, ‘ don’t do it. There are plenty of attackers who are using your computer to get desire. The most recent example comes from the Netherlands.

Armed robbery

On the 8th of september, the Norwegian channel TV 2, a Norwegian man of over forty; his apartment is blown in order to escape from an armed robber who had planned on bitcoin.
Even though his name is not known, it was, it is clear, though, that he had been for ten years, involved with the cryptocurrency. He did not, under the seats or benches that he has in the last ten years, more than 100 million Norwegian crowns, has earned. That is, it is about eleven million.

Get down or I’ll shoot

According to the TV-2 was the attempt to make the theft take place on the 14th of may. The alleged thief is the home of the victim, entered, and asked, simply. When the door was opened, the victim and the muzzle of a gun in his face and in print.
The complaint states that the defendant and the victim, threatened: “get down or I’ll shoot!” There was, however, not a single shot is fired, and the victim was trying to escape from the second floor to the balcony to jump out. Officially, there are no personal or private information of the victim, as well. However, it said that it was going to be the owner of a cryptobedrijf.

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Incident is or is not

This seems to be an accident, and that it might be as well. However, there are more and more of them. In the united states, three cases in which the perpetrators cryptocurrency demands of the victims. In 2018, a cryptohandelaar who is in Norway, and a little before that, it was the wife of the Norwegian billionaire, Tom Hagen is kidnapped, the criminals took when ten million dollars of monero.
In February, there was already a gruwelverhaal, but also in the Netherlands. The three armed men who posed as policemen, tortured, a 38-year-old man for hours, using a power drill. According to the strafpleiter, Peter Plasman, they tried the perpetrators, so that the private keys have to figure it out. The victim was the owner of the Travelflex, its coin is also listed by CoinMarketCap.

Safety measures

If there is one lesson to be drawn from this incident is the fact that you are not on the rooftops shouting how many bitcoins or altcoins you have. This is really no different than if you have a well-stocked bank account. A lot of money to have fun, but that’s the part you’d rather not tell strangers.
And in regards to bitcoin, and after each transaction and will change the ship to address. Do you use a different address if you have bitcoin buy with, for example, the BTC Right away. All of the addresses and transactions are, of course, have to follow through on the blockchain, but these ip addresses are not linked to any one person. Change it’s ship to address, so it will be more difficult for you to find out how much bitcoin you have.
Also, it is recommended to use a hardware wallet Trezor or Ledger (or any other brand). You can make sure that you have your private keys offline and store, and that attackers are in any case not be online when you log in details can be. If you really want to the next level and go for it? Then you have the private key, protect it with a 25-word.

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