The income of BlockFi have doubled in the past two months

In this period of economic crisis, the crypto-company BlockFi is an exception, managing to double its revenue over the last two months. This exceptional growth is a result of a fund raising series B carried out by the crypto-business.

The growth of BlockFi

“BlockFi has developed at an impressive pace “, was delighted recently been a key partner of the company, Three Arrows Capital.

In fact, the monthly income of BlockFi have doubled following the success of its latest fundraising of $ 30 million held last February. BlockFi subsequently chained the good news, collecting, after some time, new capital of the share of Three Arrows Capital.

“We are proud to fund BlockFi thanks to our acceleration program (…), Wingable, launched in 2018,” said a partner at Three Arrows Capital.

Since its inception, BlockFi has raised more than $ 100 million from investors of the first rank, namely, Morgan Creek, twins, Winklevoss

An expansion in Asia

Satisfied to have raised new funds, BlockFi nurtures new projects of expansion in the asian market, especially as BlockFi can now rely on its new partner singapore Three Arrows Capital for taking over the Asia-pacific region.

“Working with Three Arrows Capital as a strategic partner will enable us to undertake our expansion with the right expertise,” stressed BlockFi.

Three Arrows Capital fully recognizes the growth potential lender crypto BlockFi, which has the mission ” to develop the ecosystem of crypto-currencies “. Founded in 2018, BlockFi has experienced significant growth in two years. The company’s revenues have been multiplied by more than 20 in 2019 and currently has more than $ 650 million of assets on its platform, loans.
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