The investors agree to the repayment plan proposed by the project TONE

Very attached to the crypto-currency native Telegram, investors have now done a volte-face and accepted the repayment plan proposed by the messaging application.

The investors of Your change of opinion

Last October, Telegram had proposed to the investors to reimburse 72% of the funds invested in the ICO to Tone after having pushed back the launch officially of the crypto-currency. At the time, investors did not want to get their money back and dispose of chips Your.
However, because of the crisis of the coronavirus which affects greatly the world economy, several investors have recently expressed their intention to accept the repayment plan proposed by Telegram.

“What I see now among the different investors, it is that many, at least 10 investors with whom I spoke, are inclined to remove 72% of the funds invested,” informed Yakov Barinsky, director of the crypto business Hash IPC.

A new setback for Telegram

Since October, Telegram leads to a legal battle fierce with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In fact Telegram would be particularly in the viewfinder of the SEC after it has completed a sale “illegal” to “title ” digital financial” at the ICO, Your.
Because of his legal problems, Telegram has decided to postpone the official release of its crypto-currency, native, scheduled for end 2019 and provides, at the same time, a repayment plan for investors who wish to recover their money.
However, the launch of Tone still seems to be uncertain. And for proof, this week, the federal judge in New York has issued a preliminary injunction to temporarily ban the sale of crypto-currency native Telegram.
What do you think of the evolution of the token TONE vis-à-vis the investors ? Give your opinion in the comment section below.
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