The irish bankbestuurders evidence in OneCoin-the case of the $400 million

The Top management of the Bank of Ireland (BOI) will be necessary in the case of Mark Scott. Scott is accused of being responsible for the administration of the $400 million that could have been won to the truth behind OneCoin.


Scott will be by the united states have been charged to the potential level of involvement in the laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars have been collected during the ICR.
The defendant could, with the help of the equity funds in the British Virgin islands and bank accounts in the cayman islands of $400 million of profits-laundering.
Scott would be a part of the income is ever to be in the Irish commercial bank will have to take advantage of. This is where the employees of the Bank of Ireland around the corner.

OneCoin scam

In the United States of america call for four top managers of the BOI in order to testify in this case. The thing is to start on the 4th of november of this year.
Of these witnesses, it is not for nothing called: they were working at the bench, where Scott may be the laundering of money deposited. The money is due the bank have gone.
It’s not going to be the small boys in the organization of the bank. The following people have been called upon to give evidence:
Diane Sands, head of anti-money laundering team of the bank
Deirdre Ceannt, who is responsible for the investment of the bank in the foreign country
Derek Collins, a former vice-president of the bank
John Begley, and he would prove it to be given to the involvement of Scott


Two of the people who have been involved in OneCoin was already in Singapore and have been sued for promoting the use of OneCoin. There was money to be picked up for use on a network, and a token that did not exist, or ever have the light of life to be seen.
As the front man of the classic the truth is, earlier this year, was arrested. There are still a few real clear-cut rules for bitcoin and other cryptomunten, but even with the looser regulations in the worldwide to walk some of the crooks and against the light.
OneCoin could be a blockchain to launch its own currency, but that there was no truth to this. The system is simple: you earn money when new members make. New members can also earn money through other people to deliver it.
This type of practice are almost everywhere in the world, is prohibited, and it is frequently hard to be encountered. OneCoin is considered as a warning for others who have their own cryptomunt issue, make sure that you conform to the rules.
You will follow no rules and have a clear head to point to? There is a good chance that you are, in the majority of countries will eventually have to deal with the authorities.

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