The Italian Red Cross raise its solicitations for donations cryptos

The community crypto has been sensitive to the recent grievances of the Italian Red Cross regarding the collection of funds digital for purchasing medical equipment within the framework of the fight against the Covid-19. If the community has put 3 days to fill the pot required, set at $ 10,000, the humanitarian association has re-launched its appeal to raise $ 26 000.

The Red Cross reached 10 000 dollars in just 3 days

The response and solidarity of the crypto-community has not been made to wait until after the appeal of the Italian Red Cross to make donations for the digital to support the fight against the Covid-19. While the association had announced a goal of $ 10,000 to purchase medical equipment, it only took 3 days for the refund to be reached with a surplus significant.
It should be noted that Italy is among the countries most affected by the epidemic and has recorded nearly 683 casualties in 24 hours on march 25, 2020. In the Face of this slaughter, the community crypto unveils its solidarity unconditional to support the efforts of humanitarian agencies to support institutions in the fight.

Plastic box with donations in euro bills and corners

A new collection launched

After having achieved her first goal in three days, the Italian Red Cross has once again launched the collection of funds via the crypto-currency to achieve this time $ 26 000. Following the explanations of the organization, the new fund will be used to support the medical staff in terms of equipment for the emergency operations.
However, it should be remembered that the scams cryptos are taking advantage of the financial distress of the institutions and agencies of health to divert the gifts of the holders of crypto-currencies. In this case, researchers in cyber-security as Chester Wisniewski have been cases of theft of the identities of WHO to start false campaign contributions.
What do you think of this new collection launched by the Red Cross to support the fight against the Covid-19 ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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