The model States that there is a 75 percent Chance that Bitcoin will rise this week even higher

Yes, the price of Bitcoin may be in the past three days, Stalled, and about $7,500 in something steam have lost, but the crypto-currency from a macroeconomic point of view, still bull decided so, at least according to analysts.
We must not forget that Bitcoin has printed in six consecutive weeks, a green candle. These six candles represents a recovery of over 80 percent compared to the mid-March Low, at about $3.600.
Interesting that this performance was achieved despite the uncertainty in the financial market, which makes it all the more impressive. But that’s not all, because analysts don’t expect that Bitcoin is still in its upward movement is finished. Statistics show that the crypto currency is a high probability that could be reported, the seventh week in a row gains.

There is a high probability that it will recover Bitcoin this week

A pseudonymous crypto-Trader, “Bitcoin Jack”, according to which there is a high probability that BTC increases in the next seven days. He explained that in 75 percent of the cases in which Bitcoin has managed to print six green candles in a row, in the following week even higher increases:

“If this week, green concludes, we have 6 consecutive W1-bull candle for BTC. This happened only 8 Times for the young asset value: 6 saw then a bull candle, 2 saw a bear candle‚Äú.

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In previous Reports, the popular technical Analyst with the nickname “Filb Filb noted” that there is a clash of evidence to suggest that Bitcoin is on the way, in the coming weeks, extremely well cut. The meeting consists of four factors, he explained:
The balanced volume indicator that tracks the dynamics of the relationship between price and market volume, has experienced a breakout above a four-week trend line. He suggests that this is the technically most significant outbreak of the Bitcoin price in the last few weeks.BTC has recently passed an important descending trend line, which marked the peak of $ 10,500 in, and has held an important support zone in the middle of the 6.000 $mark.The market capitalisation of all Stablecoins is more skyrocketed as the market capitalization of the Tether 7 trillion exceeded the Dollar. The idea behind this is that the more stable coins are in circulation, the more money the edge is seated and ready to buy Bitcoin. This statement is in the last time, however, under some pressure.The halving of Bitcoin is now less than three weeks
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