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This article will be like returning to the time five years ago, when most of the cryptocurrencies we know it today didn’t even exist. We will cover one of the cryptocurrencies in his time was equally popular that Bitcoin. On this occasion, we will bring the most relevant news of Monero. This criptomoneda has even changed the names of the former that is, given that in 2014 it launched as BitMonero, making allusion to the Bit of Bitcoin. This criptomoneda came to be famous in the forums, groups and platforms on the Internet, since at that time there was in circulation a large amount of BTC, so expensive that it was minarlo, XMR was born as the accessible alternative. However, it also brought with it problems, because by being free software without monitoring any, are used to construct various malwares and viruses that were attacking the devices of the users, making them mine without knowing. With the explosion of prices in 2017 and the rise of cryptocurrencies, Monero was moved, but still stands. Currently, according to our tool Crypto Online, has a value of $ 72, with a contraction of 3.3 %, continuing a downtrend that has the currency since October 08. However, even when it possesses this fall and is considered displaced by the other, XMR is maintained as the guardian of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies the market, given that currently owns the position number 10 of the list. The reason why it behaves this way, is that as a good warden, is affected by the behavior of the criptomercado in general, being one of the cryptocurrencies more sensitive according to various analysts, even as the shadow of Bitcoin, given that they have observed that when BTC starts to grow, XMR is the first coin in to follow, remain the same in the case of when it falls. Among the most outstanding news currently are the ones associated to the security of the same, given that the Monero today is not the same as 5 years ago, with improvements of monitoring to prevent cases of illicit acts. To end this article, I invite you to share your opinion with respect to XMR, particularly asking if the knew before reading this article. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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