The new Bitcoin-Emoji excited the Community, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has with BTC even more

On Twitter since yesterday, surprisingly, a Emoji for Bitcoin. To use the Emoji, you need to use the Hashtag #Bitcoin – then the Emoji will appear miraculously on your screen. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has the Bitcoin Emoji now also in his Twitter biography.

Twitter with BTC-Emoji: the Bitcoin Community by turning

Even if this may appear trivial – the Adding of the Bitcoin-Emoji brings Twitter finally, no additional functionality: This is a small concession to the Social-Media giants are enthusiastic about the crypto-currency Community, so much so that the Social Media Engagement for “Bitcoin” in the last 24h through the ceiling.
Many also believe that the action is legitimized Bitcoin as a legitimate Well – because every big Trend on Twitter, has his own Emoji, about the presidential campaign of Andrew Yang, or the “Me Too”movement.
And that means for this market, the movement is already in a sustained bull end, only Good.

Bitcoin is exploding on Twitter

Crypto-Portal lunar crush notes, “bitcoin, the combined social volume” is increased after the inclusion of the Emoji, with in just the last 24 hours 113.816 posts about Bitcoin to write. This was the highest “social volume” for over a year, writes lunar crush.

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This is corroborated observation by Jason Yanowitz, indicating that Bitcoin is been 12 hours after Adding the Emoji for him to be a Top Trend on Twitter. It is unclear whether it is a personalized Trend or a global Trend.
Even many Users place in the municipality of Tweets with the new Hashtag.
Although there is no clear correlation between the social volume and the price action in connection with Bitcoin, it seems that the assumption is not far-fetched that the interest on an investment should be all the greater, the more people know about crypto currency talk.
This of course would mean that the Adding Bitcoin-Emoji by Twitter for the crypto-currency area as a whole, rather positive.
Whether this effect will, however, on the price of BTC remains to be seen.

Dorsey urges Unicode, to make the Bitcoin-Emoji officially

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has with the Bitcoin-Emoji, however, more.
In a Tweet announcing the Feature on Twitter, password, Dorsey signed the Account of Unicode, the world standard for Text and Emoji.
It should be submitted to the Unicode Standard, and then be approved, it would make the use of the Bitcoin-Emoji, in applications much easier, and spreading far beyond Twitter, in addition to toast.

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