The news Dash more prominent may

We arrived to the half of the month of May, with the crypto world full of news normally centered around Bitcoin. What is normal to have recently produced the third Halving in the Blockchain of the cryptocurrency. However, other virtual currencies of importance have also been active. That’s why today we’re bringing the news to Dash’s highlights of may.

Launched New version of Dash Electrum

And we begin this account of the main news within the Blockchain Dash, with good news for all who participate in this community. Therefore, Dash Electrum, one of the main wallets of the cryptocurrency, has announced the launch of its version offering btc privacy. The same brings a number of minor improvements, mainly directed towards an increase in the security of the wallet in the Dash. As well as to protect the privacy of its users. Including the creation of a button to start the operation of Tor, in case that is not detected when you enter the app of Dash Electrum on Android.

Dash Next is allied with CGift

The company Dash Next, dedicated to the development of solutions that allow them to climb Dash, grow the cryptocurrency, and accelerate their adoption. Has announced the establishment of an alliance with CGift. An Asian company dedicated to the creation of Gift Cards digital. With this alliance, CGift would begin to issue gift cards, digital Dash. Which would be credited with a certain amount of Dash, equivalent to a fixed value in Fiat money. Being able to deposit the user, subsequently these cryptocurrencies in your wallet, and being, therefore, a very simple way of acquiring Dash in Asia. The partnership between Dash Next and CGift is part of the news Dash more prominent may

IntoTheBlock will provide analysis on Dash

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of analysis, news, and all the material generated around the cryptocurrencies, to ensure the health of the crypto world. And that is as true for large cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, as virtual currencies with smaller communities, as is the case for Dash. For this reason, the critical of the partnership established between the Dash and the analysis platform on the crypto market, IntoTheBlock. Which has announced the launch of new products that will help the community of Dash to get the latest analysis and news. Including, a widget for users of IntoTheBlock with information on the Blockchain Dash, and a video report monthly on the currency. Being a part of this count of the news Dash more prominent may

Pay your bills with PiixPay

The main aim of any currency is to serve as a medium for the exchange of goods and services. And this, also applies to cryptocurrencies, because if not they could be used to make payments, virtual currencies would not really be competition for the Fiat money. Of there the importance of PiixPay, an application that allows the realization of payments of invoices in Europe with Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and of course Dash. Transforming automatically the amount of the cryptocurrencyconcerned to the euro, and transferring them to the bank account to which they have to make the payment. A simple means of giving a greater life and utility to cryptocurrencies.

Dash numbers

Finally, we cannot close our summary of the news Dash more outstanding may, without giving you a brief look at the main indicators of the health of this cryptocurrency. Starting, of course, for its price, which is located at the time of writing this article in the 75,83 dollars. An increase over the last few days, but still below the more than $ 80 that was listed at the end of April. The price of the Dash has remained relatively stable on the other hand, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is located in the 720.117.254 dollars, occupying the 20th place in the ranking of cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

But improving your put when about the volume of daily transactions, wherewith 575.650.240 dollars a day has the number 12. Finally, with respect to the number of tokens of Dash issued until the time. A total of 18.900.000 Dash set as the limit for its issuance of currency, currently in circulation 9.496.523 Dash. Slightly over half of the liquidity that will ever have the cryptocurrency.

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