The news of Bitcoin’s highlights of the week

To close the week we find ourselves with the tradition of summarizing the news of Bitcoin’s most prominent the past few days. Stressing that on this occasion we find ourselves with a diversity of news considerable.

The falling prices of Bitcoin are influenced by whales crypto?

Starting with the news of Bitcoin with one of the sad, since it’s associated with the fall of prices. In the article we explain the relationship between the famous whales and the price of the currency. Highlighting that these holders of the currency on several occasions have been in motion. Particularly the end of 2019 their movements generated instability in the market. However, in January of 2020 seem to be more stable, but their behavior feels to the criptomercado.

Bitcoin: 5 predictions for you to start 2020

Continuing with the theme of 2020, we find the predictions on the most important price of Bitcoin. Noting that are some of the most influential within the market. Highlighting that are varied, explaining from predictions positive to negative predictions. In addition, we can find characters as Tone Vays or the opposite end,

The Bitcoin halving: frequently asked questions

Of the predictions we can hop to one of the news of Bitcoin, which we have been trying since 2019. We refer to the case of the dreaded halving of the coin. While we have exposed multiple times on the subject, we consider that it was necessary to write an article where we put on the table what is most important to know. Thus was born our article about the most frequently asked questions of the halving, looking for answer as many questions that may exist.

Elon Musk, “he is not here nor there in Bitcoin”

Leaving aside the technical issues or predictions, we find one of the news of Bitcoin interesting for the character. We refer to the famous idealist, creator of Tesla, the visionary of the future of SpaceX, Elon Musk. Recently stated his opinion with respect to the cryptocurrencies. Highlighting that seems to have a neutral stance with respect to the same. If you want to know more details, we invite you to read the article.

Cryptocurrencies investors have favorite: Bitcoin

Finally, we find one of the news of Bitcoin that reflect the progress of the cryptocurrencies in the financial world. On this occasion we put forward as the portfolios of investors can be 50% of cryptocurrencies. To close, we invite you to join us another week to continue to know about the world the cryptocurrencies. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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