The number of new bitcoin addresses, it seems the bull run is to give you the Breaking News

The number of new users to switch to bitcoin makes it, and grows much faster than ever before. Ok, maybe not ever, but it is the numbers that can be measured with the bull run in 2017. That, of course, with the increasing trend of bitcoin is to. It has been the past few weeks, with a 22% increase, it was a little more bitcoin so this weekend, if necessary, to correct.

Not since march of 2017

In each case, it is clear, however, is that the volatility of bitcoin price is back, and that, therefore, the interest also increases. For months, kept the rate at one channel in between to 9,000 and 9.400 u.s. dollars. According to data from the Glassnode it seems that the number of unique addresses is very high. The last time this happened was in march of 2017.

The gray line below is a different view of the exchange rate, the orange line], the number of new recipient addresses. We are not yet at the level of the end of 2017, but at the same time, it is at this level for many years were not met.

A unique entity

According to the popular cryptocurrency analyst firm Glassnode rise in the number of unique entities, that is, for the first time on the Bitcoin network, is displayed. “This rate of growth has been the greatest thing that we have, since by the end of 2017 and have seen it all.’

Even though there are a lot of statistics in order to keep an eye on is the number of distinct entities which for the first time, appears to be particularly interesting. This will be the new interest of new players in the market.

It is also worth pointing out that the number of unique addresses is significantly higher in comparison with June of the previous year, when the price of bitcoin over a short period of time, a higher rate of pay. This may be an indication of a longer-term rally in the future, as more and more people, in spite of the lower price, and have an interest in the cryptocurrency.

HODLers will continue to win

At this point, anyone that is in the past, bitcoin got a 95% in the green. And that percentage will continue to grow. The term that is used is a UTXO, and that is the unspent output of a Bitcoin transaction.

A short technical explanation of Every single bitcoin transaction, starting with the coins that are to be used for the general ledger is in balance. UTXO’s are to be continuously processed, and will be responsible for the onset and at the end of each and every transaction. The confirmation of a transaction to ensure that the issuing of coins of a UTXO can be removed.

However, each and every time, the percentage of profitable UTXO’s to climb to +90%, it seems that this is the end of a bull cycle in.

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