The number of transactions armoured in Zcash increases 258% since February

A graph of the transactions shielded Zcash is evidence of a considerable increase in the month of April. The fact can be taken as an indicator of an uptick in the adoption of this type of transaction.A user on the official forum of Zcash published statistics that show an increase in the transaction’s armor of Zcash. In the graph, expressed in monthly periods, it can be seen that in march transactions increased to 5.172. If it is compared with 2.430 February, this represents an increase of 112%. The transactions for the month of April were 8.712, which represents an increase of 68% compared with the previous month.Transactions shielded Zcash offer users complete privacy by not releasing in the chain of blocks to the sender, the receiver, or the amount of cryptocurrencies sent. This type of transaction optional guarantees, cryptographically, that no other person can track the financial activities that a user performs in the network of Zcash.The amount of transactions armoured in the network of Zcash has increased by 258% from February to the present” Source: Forum Zcash Comunnity.Several applications for developers are available to perform this type of transactions in the network of Zcash. In addition, there is already a wallet for smart phones, Shielded Saved, that have transactions shielded as an option for the users.

Users are opting to protect your privacy

The user shared with the community the graphics clarified that these data are not easy to obtain. To achieve this you had to use BlockSci along with an edited version of a script created to detect the type of transaction that I was looking for.This level of privacy is one of the factors that law enforcement authorities are nervous, because they make it impossible for the investigations of unlawful activities. Monero is another of the cryptocurrencies that consists of enough privacy in your blockchain for any user to be able to trace the funds from any transaction.Breaking News reported in April that the operators of the ransomware Sodinokibi were opting to use Monero before Bitcoin for ransom. This change is because the hackers want to hinder the tracking of any information that may incriminate him.The European Office of police (Europol) has stated on several occasions that the use of the browser Tor, in conjunction with Monero, makes it impossible to track the funds as the actors and intellectuals of the crimes committed.

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